Saturday, April 3, 2010

The Weekend At Last

Nothing much to report, except I am glad the weekend has arrived. We had such a wonderful break that it was hard to go back to work and sit and focus on law. It's a good thing I like my job. The weather has been so nasty that it was a good week to be stuck inside working.

This weekend I think we are going to start digging in and cleaning out stuff. We have been in this house for over 22 years and have accumulated so much stuff. I look around me and there is stuff everywhere, old books, old papers, coffee cups without handles (why?), furniture that is going to get repaired one of these days, the lists goes on and on. We still have boxes to go through that we got when our moms and great aunts passed on. It's ridiculous.

By the way, I'm still looking for some young able bodied men who like rib-eye steaks and beer to join us in Sequim for a rototilling party.

Well, David's off to start on the "shop" and I've got bills and taxes to take care of. Have a great weekend everyone. Who knows, maybe I'll have something more interesting to post next time.