Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Weekend At Last

Sunset in Sequim
Dear Blog:

I know, you thought I had forgotten you. You've been feeling neglected. Well, neglected yes, but forgotten no. I've been in a time warp and honestly can't figure where the time has gone. I've come up with a lot of clever ideas to post but by the time I have time I've forgotten what the clever idea was, and why it was so clever in the first place. I have been busy working, gardening, knitting, cooking, and taking time for some relaxation and rest. I have, however, taken lots of pretty pictures for you my dear blog, and I'll post them for you now.

I got the boots planted, two pair to be exact. This pair is planted with nasturtiums. We found these boots in David's black hole downstairs when we were shoveling through the mess. Not sure who they belonged to, but they are flower pots now.
These marigolds were immediately renamed by Matt. These are the handsome men of O'Dea (rather than the pretty maids in a row). When Matt asked me if I knew what these flowers were I answered marigolds. He said no. I said slug repellents. He said no. He then told me they were O'Dea flowers so O'Dea flowers they are. (Please note, sunshine on the flowers.)
When the sun comes out, the dogs come out. This was a particularly warm and sunny day in mid-May. We celebrate warm and sunny days in May.
I've gotten all of the pots planted for the deck so summer has to arrive.
Over at Edgar's Acres we've been harvesting lettuce, radishes and spinach since early May. The spinach is out of control. We are heading over tomorrow and I can't imagine what size the spinach leaves will be since it's been two weeks since I last harvested it. This is spinach that grew in a week.
The lettuce is not only wonderful to eat, but beautiful ...

which has inspired me to start on a new pair of socks, which I am calling my lettuce socks.

I have a long weekend this weekend and am very appreciative of it. Work has been busy (which is nice), but the brain has been reduced to mush. David and I, we stay too busy, but a happy and fun busy.

So, dear blog, I haven't forgotten you, I've just had difficulty getting time to write a proper posting. Maybe the weather has something to do with it, or may it's because I'm stuck in this time machine. I could promise to be more attentive, but I don't make promises I may not be able to keep.