Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Look Twice

Some people are just too clever, with unlimited imaginations. I'm sorry to say I'm not one of them. I came across this picture last night. This is too funny. I had to look at this picture twice before I got it.

See what I mean?



Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Socks and Dogs

I finished a pair of socks today. These socks are from the sock sheet I painted last summer in Sequim. A Dropped Stitch celebrated their first year in their current location and invited a bunch of us out to Nora's for dinner. I unraveled as I knit, which seemed really, really odd at first. The texture of the yarn is kinky so the texture of the knitted sock is different. The socks were fun to do and after a while there was a bit of a thrill to be constructively unraveling knitting. I like the socks.

In taking pictures of these socks I was trying to figure out how do some of my fellow bloggers get really good pictures. Either the light is off ...
I don't get the entire sock into the picture ...

and maybe it's because I get help. Louie, quite frankly, wanted me to move my foot and quit with the flash, so he could get back to his nap.
A.J. wasn't disturbed, just would have like to have been able to see what was going on.

Edgar? Well, do I need to say more?

And then there's Johnny!!!!



Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Teddy Bears Have a New Home

We had a baby shower at work. Katie is expecting her baby boy any day now and her baby seemed like the perfect match for this blanket.Unfortunately, this picture really doesn't show off the embossed bears. I got this pattern here. I love this blanket and it was a fun project. I plan to make it again for another baby.

When I walked into the conference room where we were having the shower I saw this cake and thought "wow."
Teddy bear, and the same color.
Katie loves it and is planning on keeping her little baby boy nice and warm in it. I told Katie it's a snuggle blankie and completely washable. Every baby boy needs a sturdy snuggle blankie he can drag around with him.

Happy baby Katie!



Monday, February 16, 2009

What a Weekend!!!!

Susan and I went to Madrona this past weekend and what a weekend it was. I took great classes, we met some wonderful people, said hello to old friends, bought yarn, and knit. I didn't take any pictures, too busy knitting, talking and enjoying the weekend. Each night as I fell asleep I had pictures of new knitting projects I wanted to start, and new techniques I wanted to perfect. Whew!

On Thursday I took Vivian Hoxbro's class Colors in Knitting and what a blast it was. Vivian loves color and her love is contagious. She is such a delightful woman and makes you see color in such an amazing way. For someone like me who has a hard time visualizing different color combinations, this class was a revelation. Thank you Vivian. Susan and I had the opportunity to have breakfast with Vivian one morning and what a delight it was.

Friday morning found Susan and I in Sally Melville's class Knit to Flatter and Fit. This was the class we needed our "truth be told" paper dolls. We laughed, we listened, and learned. What was quite the surprise, however, was to discover that Susan and I both had pretty much been using the "flatter" principles already. Love Sally. Sally loves to teach and you can tell that she does. The morning went by FAST.

Saturday morning I took Stephanie Pearl-McPhee's class Knitting for Speed and Efficiency: So Many Knits So Little Time! Stephanie taught her "lever" method of knitting and I was amazed at how much faster I can knit using this technique. We did two time tests, one at the beginning of class and the other at the end of class using the new technique. I knit 16 stitches per minute at the beginning and 30 stitches per minute at the end. I'm going to work on this. I have so many things I want to knit. Of course, Stephanie was a delight and the class was fun.

Yesterday I got to spend the whole day with Sally in her class Essential Skills for the Self-Taught Knitter. Loved it. Not only is Sally an amazing teacher, she is such a delight to learn from. I learned how to pick up stitches around a neckline (WOW!) and beautiful knit buttonholes. She also showed us how to sew seams using the mattress stitch and it finally makes sense to me. Sally, thanks so much.

I started a prayer shawl and a sock while at Madrona. I think I need to frog both because it's obvious I was visiting, listening, drinking, and just having too much fun. The knitting in the sock is a mess, and the stitch pattern in the shaw is interesting.

Well, off to do laundry and to work on the lever method of knitting.

Thanks to Suzanne and Corny for putting together Madrona. You two ladies are gems.



Tuesday, February 10, 2009

31 Wonderful Years and More to Come

Happy Anniversary to David and I. Last Wednesday we celebrated our 31st anniversary of marital vows. It's hard to believe. It doesn't seem like it until we start recapping everything we have done in the last 31 years.

We have moved 10 times.

We've lived in three states; Oregon, Alaska and Washington.

We have raised two wonderful sons.

We have said goodbye to too many friends and relatives, including one Dad and two Moms.

We have remodeled our house too many times to remember.

We bought and love Edgar's Acres.

We have loved and lost six pets.

We currently have 5.

We have owned 8 cars.

We have made new friends, and said goodbye to old friends.

We have gotten grayer, rounder and a little slower.

We've advanced from beer to wine.

We have moved from the Disney Channel with out sons, to American Idol and the Animal Planet with our dogs.

We used to give each other romantic anniversary gifts, now its trailers to hook to a riding lawnmower, and having the furnace and ducting cleaned.

We have finally figured out how to grow all the produce we need organically in the Pacific Maritine Northwest region.

In each of the 31 years, we have cherished the time we could have together.

We still have a lot we want to do, and do it together.

Happy Anniversary David. I love you and love our life together.