Saturday, January 5, 2013


While I was looking through various websites for ideas for a baby blanket for my upcoming grandchild, I came across some interesting patterns.  All are very creative, and I do admire a creative mind, but honestly, I don't think I'll be pulling out yarn and needles for these projects.  Yes, I am still planning the special blanket for John and Miranda's baby (my grandchild), but it will be a blanket any baby would be proud to call his/her own. 

The alligator above is darling, but do any of you know who would wear it?  I don't, but I am sure someone must.  This seems to be a pretty popular pattern on Ravelry. 

If I had a lot of spare time, I just might knit this for Rev. Johnston.  Nothing like a cute little sheep soap on a rope.

Anyone who has lived with a cat knows this is strickly taboo.  Poor little kitty.

I know there are people who like to show off their smarts, but their brains?  Seriously, this is some very clever knitting.
I love elephants, but also love babies.  Babies are helpless when getting dressed by adults who just don't get it.  BABIES DESERVE TO HAVE THEIR DIGNITY!!!!!

This one really puzzles me.  I greatly admire anyone who can do intarsia knitting, I don't seem to be able to.  But really, the Titantic next to the killer iceberg?  Who wants to wear such a depressing event? 
Doesn't this dog looked thrilled?  Why?  The hat isn't even covering the ears which is where the cold would harm first.  Look at the expression on this dog's face, he's not pleased.
I've always throught knitting should be for comfortable clothing.  This Union Suit doesn't look comfortable.  Ugh! 
Finally, if you have a LOT of yarn in your stash and don't know what to do with it, here's an idea. 
To my friends and family, don't worry.  I go by the rule that if I wouldn't wear it, chances are neither would you.


Friday, January 4, 2013



These are little stockings before they are stuffed, packed and sent to the troops.  They look like simple little stockings, but they aren't.  These three stockings are representaive of the 5300 we received this year. 
These are stockings that tell our troops that each stocking comes with a message. 
The message is of support, prayer, love and gratitude from all of us.  
 The message is we know you are away from home for the holidays so we are sending a little of home to you.  
The message is take care and stay safe.  
 The message is we are back home waiting for your return. 
 I am sharing some of the messages we have received from the troops who got our little stockings.  The photos posted below are from last year.  Our troops haven't been able to send pictures this year, and I honestly was so busy and amazed by the out pouring of love from all of you that I didn't get pictures of all of the beautiful stockings this year.  
 Thank you very much for the Holiday Cheer you sent the members of the _____ Joint Task Force.  Your thoughtfulness, kindness and the time you dedicated to this are all very much appreciated.

The Soldiers, Sailors and Airmen and Marines truly appreciate your efforts and dedication.
Our best to all of you, your great organization and your families during the Holiday Season and in 2013.
I am U.S. Army Chaplain ___, and ____ received your boxes of Christmas stockings and she passed them on to myself.  Today I handed out all of the Christmas stockings to my soldiers here at Camp ____.  Thank you and Operation Holiday Stockings for helping to bring a little piece of Christmas to my soldiers.  Your generosity is greatly appreciated.  May God bless you and Merry Christmas. 
 To everyone at Operation Holiday Stockings –
Thank you so much for all you do for our deployed troops.  A touch of Christmas is exactly what we needed here, and you gave us that. 

God bless.

 To Everyone Working in Support of Operation Holiday Stockings,
It was wonderful to open twenty-two boxes filled with a “HUGE” amount of love and blessings from your organization.  The stockings brought joy, smiles, Christmas cheer and lots of thank you’s.  We are most thankful and blessed to know this was done from the heart. 

Operation Holiday Stockings, thank you for thinking of [us] during this holiday season.
*Due to our mission here photos were not allowed. 

Thank you and God bless each and every one of your families. 

 Just wanted to say thank-you for the Holiday Stocking, cheer and prayers. On behalf of the rest of us at _____________, your support and thoughts are greatly appreciated.
  The unit received their stockings today and they loved them!! They wanted to give yall a very big thank you!!! Thank you all for what you do for our troops!!
Bless you all!!!
 Good afternoon! We received the boxes today and I have put them away for a week or so of safekeeping. They arrived at a good time, morale is a little low around the CP right now with lots of winter weather, field training, and late hours. All the guys are ready for a little pick up and the stockings will do the trick! I will try to get photos when they pass them out.
Thanks again, your generosity is very much appreciated.

Hello and Merry Christmas Sue.  I wanted to extend my sincere thanks for the
awesome stockings.  They were a huge hit at our event.  Pics soon to follow. 

Happy Holidays.
We need the support you give to make life more is bearable, and we have a connection with our country.  I know many Soldiers take for granted what you do for them, and do not see the sacrifices YOU make.  If I could write everyone individually for all the love gifts I have received in my taskforce I would not do anything but write!!!!  

I Say thanks again for the gift giving people hope in a season known for hope!

To everyone who sent stockings, goodies, toiletries, games, toys, cards, snacks, candy and prayers, all of us at Operation Holiday Stockings say thanks to you.  Because of you, our troops know we haven't forgotten them. 



Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Thank You!

This post is to say thank you to everyone who contributed to Operation Holiday Stockings for 2012.  I am beginnig to get letters and thanks from the troops and will share that with you in the next post.  Everyone listed below contributed with support, love, and of course stockings, goodies for the stockings, and donations for postage.  We also received the prayers you all contributed for the troops, and for the steadfast volunteers of Operation Holiday Stockings.  We are sending out our last shipment tomorrow, a total of 570 stockings to three units who arrived in Afghanistan during the holiday season.  We are now gearing up for 2013. 


A Dropped Stitch of Sequim, Washington
A Loose Knit Group, University of Michigan Institute for Social Research
Al and Cindy of Comstock Park, Michigan
Amy of Denver, Colorado
Angela of Portland, Oregon
Anne of Seattle, Washington
Anna of Bothell, Washington
Applebees Restaurant of Sequim, Washington
Baker Family of Wenatchee, Washington
Barbara of Appleton, Wisconsin
Barbara and Melinda of Collierville, Tennessee
Believers Fellowship of Keyser, West Virginia
Bernie of Prince Albert, Canada
Beth of Duchesne, Utah
Betsy of Rockford, Illinois
Betsy of Sequim, Washington
Betty of Bellevue, Washington
Bev of Seattle, Washington
Bill Wong DMD of Bellevue, Washington
Bob and Wanda of Bothell, Washington
Bonnie of Bothell, Washington
Bonnie of Sequim, Washington
Carla of Mercer Island, Washington
Carol of Port Hope, Michigan
Carolyn of Centerville, Ohio
Casa Adobes Congregational Church of Tucson,Arizona
Cash’s Drapery of Milwaukie, Oregon
Cassandra of Yuma, Arizona
Cassy of Edmonds, Washington
Charleen of Henderson, North Carolina
Charlotte of Bellevue, Washington
Cheryl of Blue Rock, Ohio
Cheryl of Seattle, Washington
Christina of Seattle, Washington
Cindy of Bellevue, Washington
Cindy of Poland, Ohio
Connie of Hansville, Washington
Cornie of Bainbridge Island, Washington
Costco of Issaquah, Washington
Crown Plaza Hotel of Seattle, Washington
Cub Scout Pack 517 of Covington, Washington

Cynde of Canyon Lake, California
Dan and Lillie of Bothell, Washington
Dana of Cougar Mountain, Washington
Danielle of Seattle, Washington
Darting Needles Quilt Guild of Appleton, Wisconsin to honor Patricia Kailhofer, Sunshine (Charity) Quilt Coordinator
Dave of Gig Harbor, Washington
David of Milwaukie, Oregon
David of Sequim, Washington
Debbie of Elizaville, New York
Debbie of Las Vegas, Nevada
Denise of Huddleston, Virginia
Denise of Manorville, New York
Denise and Bernie of Wilkesboro, North Carolina
Dianna of Lyle, Washington
Donna of Danville, Indiana
Donna of Olympia, Washington
Donna of Reston, Virginia
Doris of Bothell, Washington
Dorothy of Beaumont, California
Dorothy of Chagrin Falls, Ohio
Eastside Knitting Guild of Bellevue, Washington
Elaine of Federal Way, Washington
Elizabeth of Madison, Mississippi
Elizabeth of Sequim, Washington
Ellen Reh DMD of Bellevue, Washington
Employees of Martin Selig Real Estate of Seattle, Washington
Evelyn of East Hartford, Connecticut
Floor Solutions of Portland, Oregon
Gary and Erika of Edmonds, Washington
Gillian of Bothell, Washington
Grace of Issaquah, Washington
Hancock Fabrics NW of Tucson, Arizona
Heidi of Seattle, Washington
Hotel Sierra of Bellevue, Washington
Humphreys of Provo, Utah
Husqvarna Viking Sewing Gallery of Fairlawn, Ohio
Husqvarna Viking Sewing Gallery of Hudson, Ohio
Hyatt House of Bellevue, Washington
Joan of Cleveland, Ohio
Jacki of Seattle, Washington
Jackie of New Creek, West Virginia
Jamie of Cincinnati, Ohio
Jan of Ankany, Ohio
Jan of Columbus, Ohio
Jane of Bloomfield, New Jersey
Janet of Bothell, Washington
Janine of Bloomfield, New Jersey
Jay and Gina of Bellevue, Washington
Jean of Bellevue, Washington
Jean of Mukilteo, Washington
Jean of Sequim, Washington
Jean of Virginia Beach, Virginia
Jill of Seattle, Washington
Jim B of Seattle, Washington
Jim L of Seattle, Washington
Jo of Bellevue, Washington
Jo of Manchester, New Hampshire
Joan of East Hartford, Connecticut
Joan and Matt of Bellevue, Washington
Joan and Dennis of Walworth, New York
Joann of North Liberty, Indiana
Joey of San Francisco, California
John and Mary of Walla Walla, Washington
Jolyn of Bellevue, Washington
Joyce of Kinsley, Kansas
Judi of Westland, Michigan
Judith of Morrisville, Vermont
Julie of San Jose, California
Justine of Bellevue, Washington
K of Land O Lakes, Wisconsin
Karen of Ann Arbor, Michigan
Karen of Medford, Oregon
Karen of Shoreline, Washington
Karen of Thousand Oaks, California
Kari of Bellevue, Washington
Karin of Hillsboro, Ohio
Kathy of Bainbridge Island, Washington
Kathy of College Place, Washington
Kathy of Sequim, Washington
Katie of Bellevue, Washington
Kay of Seattle, Washington
Kelli of Port Orchard, Washington
Kenya of Yadkinville, North Carolina
Kim of Redmond, Washington
Kinsley High School of Kinsley, Kansas
Kris Brain DDS of North Bend, Washington
Ladies of the Elks of Sequim, Washington
Ladies of the Lakes Quilters Guild of Mirror Lake, New Hampshire
Lake Hills Orthodontics of Bellevue, Washington
Lana of Seattle, Washington
Lana of Sequim, Washington
Laurene of Uncasville, Connecticut
Leanne of Seattle, Washington
Leslie of Yakima, Washington
Leslie of Seattle, Washington
Liberty Free Methodist Church of Liberty, New York
Lil’ Jon’s Restaurant of Bellevue, Washington
Lil’ Jon’s Veterans Group of Bellevue, Washington
Lilly of Bainbridge Island, Washington
Linda of Shippensburg, Pennsylvania
Linda of Cherry Hill, New Jersey
Linda of Kirkland, Washington
Linda of Carlsborg, Washington
Linda of Tucson, Arizona
Lindsey of Seattle, Washington
Lisa of Seattle, Washington
Lisa of Bellevue, Washington
Lockwood Village of Bothell, Washington

Lorri of Sequim, Washington
Lynette of Mulkiteo, Washington
Lynne of Seattle, Washington
Maggie of Seattle, Washington
Marchand of Seattle, Washington
Margaret of Montlake Terrace, Washington
Margaret of Norton, Ohio
Marina of Bremerton, Washington
Marisusan of Bothell, Washington
Margot of Niagara University, New York
Marilee of Kingston, Washington
Marleen and Darrel of Seattle, Washington
Marlys of Seattle, Washington
Mary of Bainbridge Island, Washington
Mary of Bellevue, Washington
Mary of Coronado, California
Mary and Walter of Sahuarita, Arizona
Mary of Sequim, Washington
Mary of Tomahawk, Wisconsin
Meadowdale High School Key Club of Lynnwood, Washington
Melody of Bellevue, Washington
Melody of The Colony, Texas
Memorial Donation on behalf of WWII Veteran Howard of Bradenton, Florida
Michael Mulick DDS of Seattle, Washington
Morry of Everett, Washington
Myrna of Edmonds, Washington
Nancy of Bellevue, Washington
Nancy of Seattle, Washington
Open Aire Market of Sequim, Washington

Pacific Fire Systems of West Linn, Oregon
Pam of Gamble Bay, Washington
Pat of Hazelhurst, Mississippi
Pat of Vilter, New York
Pat of Virginia Beach, Virginia
Patricia of Loveland, Colorado
Patty of Ashland, Wisconsin
Paulette of Sammamish, Washington
Pearl Valley Baptist Church of Wesson, Mississippi
Perkins Coie LLP of Seattle, Washington
Peter Wong DMD of Bellevue, Washington
Plano 9th Ward (Church of Jesus Christ of Latterday Saints) of Dallas, Texas
Priscilla of East Hartford, Connecticut
Purr of Ryderwood, Washington
Randy Lake DDS of Renton, Washington
Reddick Methodist Church of Reddick, Florida
Redstone College of Broomfield, Colorado
Rachel of Milwaukie, Oregon
Ricardo’s Family Mexican Restaurant of Bellevue, Washington
Rita of Lauderhill, Florida
Renee of Bellevue, Washington
Robert and Barbara of Linden, Michigan
Roger and Mary of Mission, Texas
Rosalee of Indianapolis, Indiana
Ruby of Vicksburg, Mississippi
Russell Construction of Tualatin, Oregon
Ruth of Sequim, Washington
Sally of Woodbine, Maryland
Sandra of Albuquergue, New Mexico
Sandra of Edmonds, Washington
Sandra and Robert of Sequim, Washington
Sandy of Nottingham, New Hampshire
Sara of Pelham, Alabama
Schmitz Park Elementary School of West Seattle, Washington
Scott of Bellevue, Washington
Shari of Leesburg, Florida
Shari of Longville, Minnesota
Sherry of Bellevue, Washington
Sherry of Bolivar, Missouri
Sheryl and Chris of West Bend, Wiconsin
Shirley of Millers Creek, North Carolina
Silver Cloud Hotel of Bellevue, Washington
Soroptimist Club of Sequim, Washington
Stacey of Boca Raton, Florida
Staples, Inc. of Kent, Washington
Stephanie of Bellevue, Washington
Steve’s Repair Customers of Sequim, Washington
Stitch ‘n Bitch of Sequim, Washington
Streimer Sheet Metal Works, Inc. of Portland, Oregon
Stitches from the Heart of Bellevue, Washington
Sunbonnet Sue Quilting Guild of Sequim, Washington
Sue Lynn of Redmond, Washington
Sue M. of Seattle, Washington
Sue V of Temple Hills, Maryland
Susan B. of Carlsborg, Washington
Susan C. of Bellevue, Washington
Susan M. of Lakewood, Colorado
Susan M. of Bellevue, Washington
Susan M. of Seattle, Washington
Susan R. of Sequim, Washington
Susan L. of Waltham, Massachusetts
Syrinda of Seattle, Washington
Target of Issaquah, Washington
Target of Renton, Washington
Teresa of Seattle, Washington
Teri of Dallas, Texas
Tess of Cordova, Tennessee
The Jel Sert Company of West Chicago, Illinois
Tom and Mary of Renton, Washington
United Way of King County, Washington
Virginia of Wilton, California
Wade of Seattle, Washington
Walmart of Lynnwood, Washington

Warwick Enterprises of Hillsboro, Oregon
Wendy of Cordova, Tennessee
Western North Carolina Quilt Guild of Henderson, North Carolina
Woof & Poof of Chico, California