Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Bow Wow Blankies

My charity knitting this year is knitting blankets for the dogs staying in shelters.  They need a little touch of love, and for me that means a blankie.  So far I've knit 25.  As you can see from the photo above, the blankies are dog tested and dog approved.  The are knit in the "dishrag" pattern, using two strands of worsted weight yarn (or four strands of the lighter weight yarn), in any bits and pieces that need to be used for something.  They are coming out about 3' x 3' and are so nice and soft after they have been washed and dried. 

They are very colorful and have different textures too.  Again, Edgar approves. 

Bow Wow Blankies.

Cast on three stitches.
K2, YO, K1
K2, YO, K to end
continue this until you have 100 stitches on the needle.
K1, K2tog, YO, K2tog, K
continue until you have five stitches.
K1, K2tog twice, K1
Cast off. 

I've been using any type of yarn that can be tossed in a washer and dryer since that is how they will be cleaned at the shelter. 

The first batch was delivered to the Clallum County Humane Society and they have reported back to me that the dogs LOVE them. 

I also delivered about 25 crocheted blankets to Peninsula Friends of Animals for the kitties.  The kitties love them too.  These were done by the Crochet Guild in Bellevue.

In the meantime, we are harvesting garlic and onions.  I am having to be creative as to where I can cure them this year.  Right now I have the garlic curing on the woodstove, and a crate of onions on Edgar's crate.  This time of year my house is given over to produce.

Today is another beautiful day and I have gardening I want to do. 
Happy knitting (and gardening).



Thursday, August 11, 2011

Where have all the soldiers gone ...

gone to war zones everyone.  That's where our soldiers are, and the morale is low.  I've been receiving letters from various military personnel in Iraq, Afghanistan and Kuwait asking if we can include them this year.  My answer of course is yes.  So far we are committed to sending out 975 stockings, and this is just August.  The theme in each request has been how low the morale is because the soldiers want to be home, especially for the holidays.  They are feeling more forgotten the more years we have troops in these areas.  I know all of you are committed to remembering our troops and so for the 8th year, we are sending our stockings. 

I am confident we will have enough stockings and items for the stockings.  We have knitters, crocheters and sewers working away on stockings, so that will be covered.  I am concerned, however, about the money for postage.  We currently have $100 and will probably need about $1300 this year.  The dollar is tighter this year so each donation of $1.00 is more precious.  Again, I am relying on faith that the funds will come in.  Please let everyone know that any amount will be very much appreciated.  We are getting closer to getting the 501(c)(3) status, but the IRS seems to need "just one more piece of information."  It's been almost a year working on this.  We will keep you posted on this status.  We also have a new address for Operation Holiday Stockings:

Operation Holiday Stockings
P.O. Box 3186
Sequim, WA 98382

The past couple of weeks I have received boxes of stockings and as usual, they are beautiful.

These are from Hyla in Los Altos, California.

Paula in Columbia, Missouri knit these for us.

Finally, Mary from Green Bay, Wisconsin knit these for us.
If I could I would share some of the emails I have received, but the information is confidential.  Please pray for the safety of our troops, and remember that any contribution you or a friend, relative or co-worker can make for postage will go a long way to let our troops know we haven't forgotten them.

Sleep tight tonight in your warm beds, and say a prayer of thanks for those who serve for us.



Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I'm Having Too Much Fun

Lupine at Hurricane Ridge

August is starting out to be a month of good times with family and friends.  The first weekend my brother Steve, and his wife Judi, came up to visit for a couple of days.  We had a blast.  Now that children have been raised, and we all are basically "on our own" we can finally get together and relax and have fun.  The weather was amazing, clear blue skies for both days they were here.  On Monday night we got together with Mary Lou and Laurie, Mom's cousin and her daughter from Port Angeles, and Leslie & Steve, and Jim.  David grilled up his usual feast of shrimp so everyone was happy. 

The next day we took a tour around the Dungeness area and marveled in the beautiful beaches and the clear skies.
This is taken in the area called Dungeness.  We also went to Dungeness National Wildlife Refuge, and just took our time, relaxed, visited and soaked in the scenery.  Unfortunately, I left my camera in the car for that portion of the day trip.  All of the beaches we visited are within 15 minutes from Edgar's Acres.  We also stopped by Nash's but they were closed.  I wanted to get something for my cousin Pat.  Maybe next time.  In the meantime Pat, this photo will have to do.

That evening we went up to Steve & Leslie's for dinner so my brother could spend an evening with Steve's koi. Judi even managed to get her toes kisssed by the koi, because they liked her.   We had such a wonderful time.  We even managed to get a great group picture of the four of us.

In order to get all of us laughing at the same time I made a comment that I won't repeat, but let's just say it had something to do with Steve's beard.  It's a nice one, isn't it? On our way home we spotted a herd of Elk in a field.  Not sure if this picture will be clear enough for you.  The bull was just standing there watching us, making sure we left the cows alone.  This bull was big, very big.

Yesterday Lindsey, Andrew and Jim came up and we spent the day at Hurricane Ridge in the Olympic National Forest.  I've included a lot of pictures here, which is just a small portion of what I took.  It was overcast at sea level, but WOW, incredible at 5300 feet.

These pictures really don't do justice to the true beauty.  The wild flowers were out, and it was warm.  There is still plenty of snow in the area so one short hiking trail was closed. 

Andrew and Lindsey.  This isn't as warm as Florida, but beautiful.

This isn't a bad picture of us, but a stunning picture of the mountains.

And yes, Lindsey did get to touch the snow.

On the way back to Edgar's Acres we stopped at Olympic Cellars Winery in Sequim to check out the Working Woman Wines.  Another fun moment. 

Jim, Lindsey and Andrew left this morning to see Mt. Helens.  The best part of their visit was having a chance to get to know Andrew.  What a wonderful guy.  Lindsey, you are a lucky woman (and Andrew, you already know you are a lucky man). 

Today finished out with having dinner with our neighbors De & Walt, and their friends.  What fun people and good food.  I had lamb for the first time in 40 years and it was delicious.   

I've been busy and will be making another post soon to bring you up today on Operation Holiday Stockings. 

Gotta love this sabbatical idea!