Friday, September 16, 2016

I'm Finally Back ...

It has been a long, long time since I've posted anything.  For the past two years life has been hectic to say the least.  I've been doing the crazy commute back and forth to Seattle for work, fell and dislocated and fractured my shoulder, and then ... RETIRED.  Now that I have slept for the past four months, I'm ready to get back into things I've missed doing, like this blog. 

There have been times I wanted to say something, but I was either tired, ready to rant, or brain dead. 

It's good to be retired and home with David and our two fluffs, Louie and Johnny. 

I don't know if anyone is going to be interested in what I post here, but it will be an outlet for me. 

I've miss you all, and glad to be back.


Sunday, February 9, 2014


The second half of 2013 was insanely busy as well.  I'll continue with my timeline started in my last post.

July 2013 was a blur.  Gardening was in full force, and we had a wedding to be involved in.  Lindsey and Andrew were married in a beautiful celebration of love.  Visitors came and went and a lot of fun was had by all.

We had a houseful for the 4th of July weekend.  Felix brought his family over to come visit and to attend his first fire pit experience.

He got to meet his Auntie Pat ...

and Auntie Susan. 
Auntie Katie was with us as well but I neglected to get a picture of Felix snuggling up to her.

We had an abundance of sweet cherries and sweet onions this year so I had to get creative on how to use them up. 
I made Sweet Onion Relish and Pickled Sweet Cherries.  The cherries were eaten within months.  This year I'll need to double what I put up.

I also dried my lavender in July so we would have this beautiful herb to use in cooking.  It adds a beautiful flavor to pork and beef. 

At the end of the month we had the WEDDING.  Andrew and Lindsey are now a married couple and a good time was had by all.

Frank, Mom, John, and Baby Felix

Uncle Frank with Baby Felix

Miranda and John 

Finnan wondering how long he really needs to wear the tie.

Me with the beautiful bride Lindsey. 


The Johnston and Rambin clans (sans Rachel - Rachel where were you?)
August 2013 was a month of harvests and "putting up" food. 
Greens beans and peach salsa
Carrots for Finnan

The harvesting of Copra and Red Zeppelin Onions
We started our work on Operation Holiday Stockings earlier in 2013 so we wouldn't have to be doing everything in the last three months.
At the end of August we went over to John and Miranda's so Grandpa could help John build a sandbox for Finnan ...

and Grandma could be in heaven holding a baby boy.
September we stuffed and started packing up stockings for Operation Holiday Stockings, with Edgar's help of course.

In October I had to go over to get a grandson fix so we went over to visit John's family.  I just love this picture I managed to get of David, John and Felix, three generations of Rambins.
October found David and me getting on a jet plan for Shreveport, Louisiana for David's 50th high school reunion.  We stayed with long time friends Frank and Susan.  I was definitely the youngest attendee but felt very welcomed by everyone.   
David trying to remember the combination to his old locker

David, Frank and Susan

David and his cousin Kathy.
From Shreveport we flew to New Orleans.  Mind you this was my first trip to the state of Louisiana so it was a real adventure for me experiencing the heat and humidity. 

We discovered Felix has a restaurant in New Orleans.

Had to have a Hurricane at Pat O'Brien's.

Jazz club on Bourbon Street.

Too good to describe. 
 On Halloween morning we left New Orleans and ended up in Marysville to attend John and Miranda's wedding. 
November meant being in full swing for Operation Holiday Stockings. 

In December we welcomed another baby.  Riley David Rambin was born in the middle of the month with tons of dark hair to Frank and Rachel.  What a dear blessing for Christmas.  Yes, that's a blanket Grandma knit for Riley.  He is covered with a lot of love and lots of stitches of prayer. 

Starting in August I started knitting Christmas stockings for John and Frank and their families.  I knit seven total and loved every minute of it.  Here are the Stockings I did for Frank, Rachel and Riley. 
 Susan and I attended the Winter Gala Gift Show in Sequim again this year, and had a booth of our own.
The weekend before Christmas John and family came up to celebrate the holiday with us. It is so sweet to celebrate Christmas with small children again.
It was wonderful spending time with Finnan and Felix.  I cherish this picture with Felix.  Babies are such a gift.
Grandpa and Grandma gave Felix his first car and it appears he loves it.


We finished off 2013 traveling to Portland to meet Riley and visit with Frank and Rachel.  What a precious little doll Riley is. 
Riley looks so tiny on Frank's shoulder.

Three generations of Rambin men again.  Frank, David and Riley.
Little Riley trying to figure out why Grandpa is making such funny noises. 
Well, that was 2013 in two posts.  Am I blessed, or what.  I'm blessed. 


I am finally back.  The year 2013 was a whirlwind with so many wonderful things happening in our lives.  I just didn't have time to post anything because, quite honestly, by the time I was settled in one place I took the time to smell the roses and take a breather.  2014 is also flying by, but should be a more subdued year. 

In 2013 we had baby showers, bridal showers, weddings, and BABIES.  David and I are now the thrilled grandparents to three grandsons.  I will do my best to bring all of you up to date.  There is a lot to tell you. 

January 2013 was the month we finished up on our busiest season for Operation Holiday Stockings. 

We sent out the last group of boxes in the middle of January and finally sat down for a breather, and a big pat on the back.  Of course, Edgar, Johnny and Louie were big help. 
February 2013 consisted of me getting ready for surgery.  I worked long hours at work to get things as cleaned up and organized as possible since I was going to be out for 6-7 weeks.  David and I celebrated 35 years of marriage reflecting back on what a fabulous adventure our life has been together.  Of course I went to the Madrona Fiber Arts retreat in Tacoma.  Surgery was planned around that of course. 
March 2013 I had surgery and spent 7 weeks recuperating.  One class I took at Madrona was sideways lace by Sivia Harding, and was hooked.  What a perfect time to knit a lace scarf while sitting on the couch strung out on pain meds.  When it came time to block the scarf Susan came over to do it for me.  What a great friend. 

Its hard to see the beads I knitted into the scarf but I was thrilled with the way it came out.  I did this scarf for my surgeon since she was willing to help me and has been so supportive. 

The weather was beautiful in March so I spent as much time as I could sitting on the deck in the sun loving the flowers David had planted the fall before.

April came and along with it came baby showers.  Rachel and Pat hosted a shower for Miranda.  It was a lot of fun since it was a co-ed shower.  Rachel really outdid herself with the decorations and games.  It was a fun time for all.

My gift was this blanket I knit, and every stitch contains a prayer.  I was really pleased with the way it came out.

At work we have a tradition of holding a baby shower for a first time grandma.  Well it was my turn and I received a lot of beautiful things to outfit Grandma's house for baby visitors.

In May David and I went to the Portland area to help Sally and Calvin celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary, and Calvin's 80th birthday.  It was so fun to get together with David's family and to see the cousins and how they have all grown up to young men.  We missed meeting Valerie again. 
June 2013 was a blur.  It started out with me and Anna aka Nana, hosting a bridal shower in Seattle for Lindsey, my "daughter of the heart." 

I love this picture of my wonderful daughters, Miranda, Rachel, Lindsey, and Sarah.  Love these beautiful young women.
The next weekend took us to Bellevue to celebrate Katie's 60th birthday.  She's finally in Club 60 with the rest of us.
The next weekend was the garlic harvest.  We had planted 8 different varieties and they were more than ready for harvest.
The end of June was highlighted by the birth of Felix Romeo Rambin, born to John and Miranda.  I had the privilege and honor to be there for the whole experience.  Felix was born ready to rock and roll.

Well, that's the first half of 2013.  The second half was just as busy but will be covered in my next post.