Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Vacation Continues

Monday, Day 5. This was David's day. Pat, David and I made a pilgrimage in the morning to a revered gravesite. We went to see Babe Ruth's resting place. Now, I'm not a fan of gravesites. Several weeks back Pat said he had a surprise for us. Before we headed out to NJ Pat was mentioning this surprise trip again. I asked him "you're not taking me to a graveyard are you?" I was right. He confessed we were going to the Babe's grave, and asked me to keep the surprise to myself. I did, and David was surprised. I gave David the camera to take pictures of the Babe's grave, and Billy Martin's. Pictures didn't come through, so ... I ended up walking through the graveyard so I could take the pictures for prosperity.
When we got back to Pat and Barbara's house, we went down to the stream and took naps.
Monday night we headed into NYC and the Shrine, Yankee Stadium. David finally arrived at Yankee Stadium and got to see his beloved Yankees play at home.
If you look real hard you can see David in the upper deck about 4 rows from the bottom, behind home plate, cheering on his Yankees.

It was a great day for David.

I do need to say that there is something very moving about singing "God Bless America" in Yankee Stadium in New York City.

Tuesday, Day 6. Off to the Jersey Shore to see Pat and Barbara's beach house. This was my first time to the Atlantic Ocean in New Jersey. It was warm, warm, warm, and we took another 2:00 nap on the beach.
Wednesday, Day 7. David and I head off to see my cousin Sam and her family in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.



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