Sunday, August 30, 2009

Catching Up

September starts next Tuesday and I have no clue where August went. I know I've been busy, and having a wonderful time being busy, but man, August has sped by. Last night and last Thursday I went to Safeco Field to see the Mariner's play. Last night David and I went with Frank and John and had a great time. Our seats were about 20 rows up from the field looking straight down the first base line. Mariners WON!. Thursday night I went to Stitch n' Pitch with Bob and Kelley Petkun of Knit Picks. What lovely people, and I loved visiting with Kelley while we knit during the game. Mariner's lost.
The garden at Edgar's Acres is really prolific. We've harvested all of the onions now, and where we had the onions planted, David built three more raised beds. We've added compost, dirt and covered it with straw and they will be ready for next spring.

The brussel sprouts are being picked, and growing. I have one that is full of those damned aphids, but the other plant is beautiful. Once we have a hard frost the damned aphids will be gone, and the brussel sprouts will be ours. We lost one plant to a wind storm so Susan harvested the sprouts off the plant before to dug up the roots.

The yellow plum tree was FULL so we picked them. What a luscious color, and so good!

Susan and I have dried some for use later on.

While we were in Sequim, we celebrated Leslie's birthday with dinner. Look at the colors in the shishkobobs. The red onion was SWEET, and the flavor of the baby squash was amazing.

We now have enough onions until next year. Fortunately we have old refrigerators for cold storage.
There has to be something special about the soil at Edgar's Acres, because the produce is so sweet, especially the carrots and beets.
The other night I cooked up some brussel sprouts, leeks, yellow squash and tomatoes for dinner. I added a touch of curry, and WOW. The squash really soaks up the curry flavor.

So, as you can see, I've been busy gardening. I love gardening. It is hard work, but relaxing at the same time. I love reaping the harvest from the sweat equity we put into the garden. God is good to us by providing us such sweet soil (which is rock free and FLAT), good weather, and good friends to work with and to share with.

I've also been knitting. Baby blankets. There is a baby boom going on. I really can't post any pictures until the blankies are delivered because I don't want surprises spoiled. We had a baby shower for Jenn and I gave her this blankie.
It's just the log cabin pattern. I used Encore Multis worsted weight in "Baby Boy."

It's knit in a garter stitch on size 9 needles. While I was knitting the blankie, Jenn sent out an email with the colors for the baby's nursery. The colors in the blankie are the exact colors she is using for her nursery. While I was finishing up, a horrible heat wave hit our area. In order to finish the knitting, we went to shopping malls (where there was air conditioning), I knit in the car while David had the air conditioning on full blast, and got up to knit in the early morning, where the temperature was in the 70s. It got to be pretty funny, but the blankie got done in time.

Jenn was thrilled. Jenn is a knitter, and she knows a lot of love and prayer went into the blankie for her baby. I had so much fun knitting it.

I got two more done, and am working on two, and will be starting another here soon. Like I said, there is a definite baby boom going on.

Well, off to work on another blankie, and harvest some lettuce and tomatoes for tonight's dinner.



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