Tuesday, December 22, 2009

December 22nd

It's December 22nd and we are now ready for Christmas. It's taken David and I a week to get the house ready, but ready it is. We don't have the outside lights up, but that's because David has been down with a ugly cold, and I'm not inclined to get out there and do it alone. All of my gifts are wrapped and under the tree, however, so now I can just relax and knit.

Because of my allergy to live Christmas trees, we have always had an artificial tree. Now before any of you lose your breath thinking Christmas isn't a real Christmas without a live tree, let's stop and think about those of us allergic to the spores and molds on live trees which cause us to lose our breath.

This year the tree looked like this when David got it up. We both looked at it and thought well, we've lots of ornaments and we can get more lights.

After three evenings and lots of new lights, and lots and lots of ornaments, we are pleased with the results.
Now, tell me honestly, doesn't that tree look lovely, and doesn't it look like a live tree. Thought so.

I'm actually on schedule, in fact done, with my Christmas knitting this year. I knit this pair of socks for Rachel and she reports her feet are now all toasty warm.

The yarn is Zauberball Crazy by Schoppel Wolle. It's a fun yarn to knit but I have to admit, there were times the two plys of different colors tested my old eyes. It was worth it though if Rachel's feet are toasty warm. The stitch for the leg is from Charlene Schurch's book Sensational Knitted Socks and is called the Corded Rib. (Love that book.) Rachel, if you want another pair, just let me know. I love knitting socks.

The other morning I was getting my first cup of coffee when I heard stuff dropping. I went into the bedroom to see if David was okay, and he was on his way to see if I was okay. That's when it dawned on us, the noise came from outside. I turned on the deck light and this is what I saw running past the door.

Followed by another one. Aren't they beautiful? They are, but still don't want them on the deck. I had put some old dried lavendar on the table on the deck and that is apparently what they were interested in. Needless to say, once the two rascals were out of the yard, and we let the dogs out, they were busy, busy, busy smelling the tracks.

I love December 22nd. The days are now getting longer instead of shorter. Mind you, this year I'm not complaining about weather, or darkness, or any thing like that. I just like having the daylight hours increasing each day instead of decreasing. It's not because I am depressed by the darkness, it just means we are getting closer to gardening weather. The shorter days haven't been that bad this year because the weather for the most part has been nice (for winter). After last year's crippling snow fall for the holidays, this weather is a lovely gift from God. I just like the idea of more daylight and being able to get outside and maybe getting my hands dirty in the garden.

On the flip side, more dark and cold weather means more knitting gets done, and knitting with wool. Granted, it's harder to stay up later because it's been dark for a long time, but nice knitting weather it is. Since I've finished my Christmas knitting, I am knitting a little something for me. Of course, I'll be staring another pair of socks for commuting, but that really doesn't count. Commuting knitting is knitting to keep y0u busy while going to and from work.

Well, I have a big shopping list I need to take care of, and a guest room to get ready.



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