Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Greetings from Edgar's Acres

We've been busy here at Edgar's Acres, but we've also had some wonderful down time. You know, time to smell the sweet peas. The weather for the most part has been perfect, except for last Thursday when it got up to 90 degrees (which is horrible on the prairie), when all I could do was sit under the tree and knit.
In the morning I've been drinking my coffee and enjoying the view of the Olympic Mountain Range (and my neighbor's house). Tough duty.

I got the bed for the acorn squash cleaned and built up. This picture was taken last week, and those plants have doubled in size. I think they are happy to have their roots free of crab grass.

It took three mornings, but the asparagus patch is clean and level. Tomorrow I'll be topping the bed with a layer of compost. The little plants are very happy and growing.
Little asparagus sprouts continue to come up. Yum. Next year we will get to have a small harvest, and it will be just reward for the work we've put into this project.
The garlic had been in the drying shed for two weeks curing, and I got those trimmed and cleaned. They are now finishing up the curing process on the dryer. Strangely enough, the house is not reeking of garlic.
I've also been knitting. The nice thing about these OHS stockings, they are an easy project to be working on throughout the day when I need a break from gardening.
I've been harvesting peas for three days now (another blog to be coming), have potatoes and onions to thin, and of course, there continues to be the garden to be weeded and replanted.

It's been a wonderful vacation. Edgar sends his love.



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  1. Sue, Glad you are enjoying your vacation time away from the office. Not a bad way to spend time where you don't have to worry about any rushes.