Monday, September 6, 2010

The Marathon is Over and I Survived (Barely)

Dear Cousin Pat.

I'm writing to let you know that I ran the Tomato Marathon this weekend and managed to finish. It was a three day race, and I almost gave up today, but with David's encouragement, and my shear stubbordness, I made it to the finish line. My feet hurt, my back is tired, and I was close to deliberium, but I've had my foot soak, and I'm now hydrating with Chardonney so I'll should be fine tomorrow. I've so admired you for running the New York Marathon and have been looking for one I could run. I have no desire to try to keep up with you, but wanted to give a marathon a try. (I did particiate in a 40-hr dance marathon, but many years ago.) The first goal was to find a marathon I thought I could finish, and one where my limited skills would help. I'm not sure if you could finish this marathon, as the skill set is different than the one you use for the NYM.

Saturday consisted of the Salsa leg of the marathon. This involved a lot of planning, prep work, and then the final push to get to the finish line before 5:00 p.m. There was some concern about the breathing and coughing during the jalepena curve, but I made it through that okay. We celebrated this first leg with grilled pork chops, grilled okra, and red cabbage/garlic cole slaw, together with a lovely Chardonney.
Sunday was the Tomatoes leg of the race. This involved timing myself in order to get the race done for the day. It started out with 80 lbs of tomatoes, and ended with Tomato and Basil Sauce, and canned tomatoes. At the end of this leg my feet were screaming and my fingernails were yellow. After resting with wine and dinner, I was set to finish the race today.
Getting back into the marathon this morning was tough. Everything hurt, and I had the last 40 lbs to go. I made it though. David was there to cheer me on and ignore my whinning and complaining. The Tomato Soup and Tomato Sauce got done. I finished the marathon.

I am sure you are wondering my I entered this marathon. It wasn't to prove anything to anyone. It wasn't to amaze or awe anyone. As Jody put it, it was to answer a a passion of mine. A passion for good and safe food for my family. I've run this marathon before, and will run it again. The difference this year ... I'm getting older. The passion will stay with me, and the next marathon will probably be shorter, but I'll be in it again.

Happy birthday to you my dear Cousin Pat, and good luck on your run in the NY marathon.

Love you and miss you,

Cousin Sue

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  1. Cousin Sue, thanks for the beautiful letter and congratulations for completing the Tomato Marathon. I am sure your hard work will bring joy to many. As for your recovering from this event, I am sure that consumption of Chardonney in excess will ease your pain. The family was in my backyard for a little party over the weekend and I will be sending you a photo of Chris and I sending our love to you.

    We miss you guys


    Cousin Pat