Sunday, January 16, 2011


We've been in Portland this weekend checking out rehearsal dinner venues, and it's been a blast.  This is an interesting and exciting stage of our lives that David and I are entering.  Once a parent, always a parent, and we have discovered that with each stage of parenting we enter into with our sons, it just gets better.  Parenting is a thrilling and fascinating adventure.  Having adult children is wonderful, and now with Frank's upcoming wedding we are gaining a lovely daughter, and with her, her family. 

In the past two days we have checked out five restaurants, eaten at three, viewed facilities at three, and narrowed down the choice for the rehearsal dinner.  I never realized the various things to consider when planning the rehearsal dinner, but the most important for us was location from the church, and ease of getting to the location.  As the mother of the groom, this is going to be fun to plan.

The winner?  Kell's in downtown Portland.  We've always like Kell's and they have nice facilities, and a wonderful staff.  Besides that, we do have a lot of Irish in the family. 

Last night we had dinner at Amalfi's in NE Portland and met up with Rachel and her sisters Sarah and Rebecca.  What a fun evening and it was a delight to meet Sarah and Rebecca. 
It's very easy to tell they are sisters, all beautiful and very dear.

We are heading back to Seattle early today because of the weather.  I realize we should be glued to a television watching the Seahawks play, but there is always the radio.  The one thing about these trips to Portland, I will be getting in some major knitting time.  On this trip I'm working on a scarf where you start out with 80 stitches, and after the last increase, you end up with 1280 stitches.  I currently have 640 stitches on my needles.  By time I'm done with this row I'll have the 1280.  The cable is 40 inches and the yarn is fingerling weight.  It's going to be a tight squeeze but I'm sure they will all get on there.  The nice thing about this scarf is there are only 29 rows, albeit, 29 LONG rows.

The yarn is Hand Maiden's Swiss Mountain Cashmere and Silk.  Yum.  The yarn is so soft and dreamy, and a luxury to knit.  It feels so heavenly on the hands, even at 1280 stitches. 

Well, time to sign off and hit the rainy, windy and messy I-5 for Bellevue.  Enjoy the football everyone.



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