Monday, November 14, 2011

We've Been Busy

Stephanie in Bellevue, Washington knit these for us!

This is the time of year where I turn my house over to Operation Holiday Stockings.  This is the time of year we receive requests to send stockings to our deployed troops.  This year we have received the requests directly from the soldiers, and we aren't saying no to any of them.
Linda of Cherry Hill, New Jersey knit up this batch!

During the month of November we sort the items donated for the stockings, and start stuffing them for mailing to the troops.
Lorainia of Ogilvie, Minnesota made these for us.

 It's a labor of love for everyone involved.  It's the least we can do for these soldiers who are away from home for the holidays. 

Diana of Marysville, Washington knit these darling stockings.

One of the pure delights of stuffing these stockings is looking at each individual stocking and see the love and support that goes into each one.

Elaine and Lisa knit these for us.

After they have been stuffed, the are a nice token of our appreciation to the troops in places we've never thought of going to.
Dianna in Lyle, Washington has been busy!

They miss being home for the holidays, and we miss having them here with all of us.
Mary in Green Bay, Wisconsin knit some more stockings for us.

With each stocking that has been sent to us for shipping to our troops, comes a message saying we haven't forgotten them.
Our house becomes the staging center where we sort out the items that are donated to us. 

 We happily accept donations of candy collected by school children for the troops, 
 or popcorn products from a corporate donor.
 Each stocking is stuffed, counted, checked, rechecked, counted again and then get boxed up. 
 This is the first batch going out this week.  These are boxes of love, support and prayers for our troops.

To all of you who have supported us for these seven years, we thank you. 



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