Friday, February 10, 2012

Thank You

All of the attached pictures and notes are priceless, and so is the sentiment behind the stockings we sent.  The thanks go to everyone who contributed and supported OHS 2011.  From all of us at Operation Holiday Stockings, thank you on behalf of our troops.


I work for a unit that was lucky enough to be a part of your organization's good will.  My Chaplain asked for Holiday Stockings and you came through with force.  We have put together a small token of our appreciation (I know it's a few months late) and wanted to mail it to you.  Would you please reply with your street address so we can send this thank you out properly.


Thank you for all the packages you all sent. We will be sure to get a nice group photo to show our appreciation. Again, thank you for the support!

 We just received your stockings today. Everyone loves them and we have all them hanging up in our office. I told them no peaking until Christmas day. Now everyone is anxious to see what's in the stockings. Thanks for all that you guys have done.



May God bless everyone of our troops and keep an angel on their shoulders.




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  1. ::: pass the tissues please :::