Friday, January 4, 2013



These are little stockings before they are stuffed, packed and sent to the troops.  They look like simple little stockings, but they aren't.  These three stockings are representaive of the 5300 we received this year. 
These are stockings that tell our troops that each stocking comes with a message. 
The message is of support, prayer, love and gratitude from all of us.  
 The message is we know you are away from home for the holidays so we are sending a little of home to you.  
The message is take care and stay safe.  
 The message is we are back home waiting for your return. 
 I am sharing some of the messages we have received from the troops who got our little stockings.  The photos posted below are from last year.  Our troops haven't been able to send pictures this year, and I honestly was so busy and amazed by the out pouring of love from all of you that I didn't get pictures of all of the beautiful stockings this year.  
 Thank you very much for the Holiday Cheer you sent the members of the _____ Joint Task Force.  Your thoughtfulness, kindness and the time you dedicated to this are all very much appreciated.

The Soldiers, Sailors and Airmen and Marines truly appreciate your efforts and dedication.
Our best to all of you, your great organization and your families during the Holiday Season and in 2013.
I am U.S. Army Chaplain ___, and ____ received your boxes of Christmas stockings and she passed them on to myself.  Today I handed out all of the Christmas stockings to my soldiers here at Camp ____.  Thank you and Operation Holiday Stockings for helping to bring a little piece of Christmas to my soldiers.  Your generosity is greatly appreciated.  May God bless you and Merry Christmas. 
 To everyone at Operation Holiday Stockings –
Thank you so much for all you do for our deployed troops.  A touch of Christmas is exactly what we needed here, and you gave us that. 

God bless.

 To Everyone Working in Support of Operation Holiday Stockings,
It was wonderful to open twenty-two boxes filled with a “HUGE” amount of love and blessings from your organization.  The stockings brought joy, smiles, Christmas cheer and lots of thank you’s.  We are most thankful and blessed to know this was done from the heart. 

Operation Holiday Stockings, thank you for thinking of [us] during this holiday season.
*Due to our mission here photos were not allowed. 

Thank you and God bless each and every one of your families. 

 Just wanted to say thank-you for the Holiday Stocking, cheer and prayers. On behalf of the rest of us at _____________, your support and thoughts are greatly appreciated.
  The unit received their stockings today and they loved them!! They wanted to give yall a very big thank you!!! Thank you all for what you do for our troops!!
Bless you all!!!
 Good afternoon! We received the boxes today and I have put them away for a week or so of safekeeping. They arrived at a good time, morale is a little low around the CP right now with lots of winter weather, field training, and late hours. All the guys are ready for a little pick up and the stockings will do the trick! I will try to get photos when they pass them out.
Thanks again, your generosity is very much appreciated.

Hello and Merry Christmas Sue.  I wanted to extend my sincere thanks for the
awesome stockings.  They were a huge hit at our event.  Pics soon to follow. 

Happy Holidays.
We need the support you give to make life more is bearable, and we have a connection with our country.  I know many Soldiers take for granted what you do for them, and do not see the sacrifices YOU make.  If I could write everyone individually for all the love gifts I have received in my taskforce I would not do anything but write!!!!  

I Say thanks again for the gift giving people hope in a season known for hope!

To everyone who sent stockings, goodies, toiletries, games, toys, cards, snacks, candy and prayers, all of us at Operation Holiday Stockings say thanks to you.  Because of you, our troops know we haven't forgotten them.