Monday, April 30, 2007

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Tuesday, April 17, 2007


YarnABILITY, SensABILITY, PossABILITY ... all spells ABILITY. I've been contemplating creating a blog for a while. It was first an idea to communicate with those helping with Operation Holiday Stockings, and then for the work I do with dog rescue. Then there was the sharing of gardening and knitting. And then there is the "aging parent" issue we baby boomers are facing.Why Yarnability?

Well, it seems I always come back to yarn. I have been knitting since Mom taught me when I was nine (on 24" straight size 8 needles). I've been knitting something ever since. While raising our sons I mostly knit afghans since they were easy to pick up and do while watching TV with the boys. I started knitting in earnest several years ago when I found I had time on my hands as a result of the empty nest. Knitting is something I can do while commuting back and forth from work, and on trips to visit Mom. I can knit while waiting in line, and waiting for people. In other words, I can't stand being idle.

I also garden, it is solace to me. Gardening is also a constant learning experience and great exercise. I find that the tranquility of gardening is the best time for conversations with God. The mundane tasks of weeding are great for long conversations.

I am involved in a national rescue group for bichon frise. We have fostered as many as five at our home at one time, and each foster has added to our lives. We have two bichons of our own, and a wonderful Rhodesian Ridgeback/Greyhouse mix, all of which are rescues. The alpha of this group of dogs is our cat. She keeps them all in line.

I am a baby boomer, born in 1951. I have an elderly mother who is now residing in a nursing home because I can no longer take care of her myself. I am contemplating retirement, and hate the fact that my mind thinks I'm 35, but my body keeps saying "no any more."

I a very blessed woman. I have been married to the love of my live for 29 years. We have raised two terrific sons who are now in their mid-twenties, testing out all of their abilities. We have jobs we enjoy, and our health. We have wonderful friends and family, and lots of interesting things to do.

I'll get some pictures posted and hope we can all become friends.

Baby Boomer Sue

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  1. well well well, you are now officially a blogger. hopefully you can break a story or two about some scandalous Olympia politician!