Thursday, January 17, 2008

I Got a New Chair!

I got my new chair today! It's a beautiful chair. It is a special chair as well. First of all, it was purchased BRAND NEW. Second of all, I can now sit in a chair without my neck killing me. There is a long story behind the sore neck. Let's just leave it at as an injury that hasn't been settled yet. It left me with a very painful neck and our living room furniture has been murder for me to sit on. So I got me a BRAND NEW chair today. The brand new is special too because we have generally purchased used furniture or have been happy with hand me downs. When you have boys and dogs, new expensive furniture really doesn't make sense.

Isn't my BRAND NEW chair pretty?

This is my knitting chair, my watch tv chair, and just sitting and being lazy chair.

I've already mentioned in an earlier blog how brain dead I have been when I get home from work. The other night I put on a pair of socks because my feet were cold. These are the first pair of socks I knit. Louie was in his usual spot while I was knitting and he was all of a sudden very fascinated with my foot. This was odd indeed. I couldn't figure out what the problem was until I felt his cold wet nose on my big toe ...

Yes, I have a hole in my sock. I think what I'll do is frog it out to a couple of rows below the hole and reknit it. Let's hope I can find the left over yarn. I know, I should have noticed it when I put on the sock ... I told you I was brain dead when I came home from work.
Tomorrow Louie and I are joining Susan and heading over to Edgar's Acres for a knitting retreat. Of course Cynthia will be there, and Leslie will be dropping in from next door. Mary may get there, she's at a continuing education class in Richland over until Sunday, and Virginia is going to be joining us. I am really looking forward to a weekend without talk about men, moms, or work.

I'm taking along a couple of current projects.

First is the pinwheel baby blanket. This is fun to do, and is knitting up nicely. Right now, however, it does look very strange, more like an amoeba or jelly fish.

I am knitting with Lion Brand Wool-Ease in Brushed Heather on Size 8 needles. I think it will take three skeins.
I'm making great progress on Frank's fingerless gloves. Just another inch on the palm portion and then on to the fingers.
While we are yarn shop crawling over the weekend, I am going to hunt down a pattern and yarn for fingerless gloves for myself. It's been cold, and it's going to be colder at the end of the month and next month.

On a final note, look at this precious baby boy Johnnie.



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