Friday, January 4, 2008

I Never Knit Alone

Today both David and I were home sick. David's been down with the cold bug, and then came home last night with "Pink Eye." Me, I was home because my chronic skin condition kept me from going anywhere. So far, we've done real well being home sick at the same time. I've moved myself to the guest bath to keep from getting David's ugly eye. Fortunately, the drops he got from the doctor today are really helping, and the lense in his eye is fine.

With my condition, when I get stuck at home I keep busy. I stay busy so I don't feel sorry for myself. I keep doing stuff so I don't dwell on how angry this condition makes me.

So what do I do? You guessed it, I KNIT.

Now around this house knitting is a primary activity. I have a room devoted to my yarn, patterns, and projects. David and our sons know to stay quiet when I'm counting stitches. All of the dogs know better than to injure yarn, knitting or finished projects (except Dudley ... I'll post that story another day).

Today David was napping and I decided I'd go into the living room and knit. The sun was out for a brief moment and I thought I'd take advantage of natural light on a winter day. I generally will make a comment about going to go knit, but today all I did was think "I'm going into the living room to knit for a bit."

The dogs, the dogs still knew. I never get to knit alone. I always have company. This is what I found when I went into the living room. They were all waiting for me. Edgar is the Rhodesian Ridgeback/Greyhound mix. The other three are bichons and starting with Louie on the hammock, we have Johnny behind him, and A.J. staring at Edgar because he wants to be where Edgar is. They LOVE me. They want to help me. You see, knitting time is snuggle time. (Look at that beautiful sunshine coming in the window!)

Louie wanted to see what I was knitting. It's the first glove I've ever knit. It's a fingerless glove for Frank. Louie is glaringly white with the sun shining on him.

The glove is done on size 1 needles in the Pace yarn from Universal Yarns. It is knitting up beautifully.

Either Louie really likes it, or he's bored.

As I was getting ready to work my way onto the love seat I noticed my violet was blooming. This reliable African Violet has been with me for almost 20 years. David's mother gave it to me and told me to take care of it. It's amazing it has survived me.
When I turned around to sit, one of the dogs had decided to be funny.

Look what was in my seat. I perserved, however, and got to sit down.
I am knitting [Flip Your Lid] Diamond Mittens. I chose this pattern because it was in the fine gauge I was looking for and I love the clear, step by step instructions Judith Durant provides. Of course, I made some changes to suit what I wanted. I didn't do the mitten flap and left the top of the thumb open like the fingers. The book is Never Knit Your Man a Sweater* *unless you've got the ring! It is a great book, with very nice, conservative patterns for men, well written instructions, and lovely photographs showing how the garment looks. My sons will be happy to know I finally have a book of patterns for men.

Here I am working on the middle finger. When I started this project, I was apprehensive about using the double points, especially for the fingers. Well, it was just fine; in fact, enjoyable.

Forgot to mention, Abby the Alpha Cat was in the living room helping as well. She likes what I did.

I'm pretty pleased myself. The glove is big on my hand, which is saying a lot because I have large hands for a woman. Frank and John have very large hands.

This was a fun learning experience for me. I learned how to knit gloves, and got some good practice on double pointed needles, and did something new. I also learned about the anatomy of a hand.

I knew the thumb was off to the side, it was the placement of the little finger in relation to the other fingers I never really thought about. You'd think that after 56 years I would know this. Just took it for granted, I guess.


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