Friday, April 25, 2008

I'm Still Around

I can't believe it's been three weeks! I've no excuse except I've been tired, crabby, and totally out of sorts. Lots due to the cold weather, partly due to life in general, but primarily due to the fact that I'm still not getting enough sleep.

I've spent the last three weeks going through the usual "at our age" medical tests (according to my doctor who is also 57), and am as healthy as an ox. Just tired. I have sleep apnoea and have been on a CPAP for 5 years. I'm still tired, but not EXHAUSTED like I was before the CPAP. After taking care of all of the "at our age" tests, I spent a night at the sleep clinic, where it was determined the pressures on the CPAP are too low. I'm not getting enough deep sleep. You know, the sleep that makes you feel like you are alive. And I thought I was just becoming a disinterested lazy, crabby old lady.

I am knitting, but not much. With this tiredness comes the problem of concentration and thinking. The garter stitch and I are great friends, as well as circular knitting. I've been taking pictures, and am planning on posting them this weekend (if I'm awake).

Don't give up on me, and please continue to visit once in a while. You can also leave a comment just to let me know I'm not communicating with thin air.
Stay warm.



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