Monday, April 28, 2008

Oh Spring,For Where Art Thou

It's been a long winter. It's been cold, cold, cold. We had snow in Seattle on the 20th of April. It has been dark too, making it seem like winter is dragging on. I hate having daylight savings time start in March. The mornings are so dark for so long. It's unnatural. People and animals need that morning light in the early spring to start feeling alive. The calendar says it's Spring, but it feels like winter.

David and I went to Portland a couple of weekends ago for the Solar Energy Show and had a wonderful time. We took a little trip without dogs and stayed in a hotel downtown, just like real people.

We've are seriously considering installing solar panels on our home at Edgar's Acres so we've been doing our homework and trying to get ourselves educated. We'd like to know what we're talking about when we start checking out systems and contractors.

The show was at the Oregon Convention Center and what a beautiful venue it is. Getting there from downtown proved to be an adventure for us, albeit, a very pleasant one.

Now I need to tell you that I was born and raised in Portland, and worked in downtown Portland for many years. When we moved from Portland 20 years ago Max was the light rail that traveled from Gresham to downtown. David and I stayed at the Marriott on the banks of the Willamette River, which is a six block walk to the light rail. We decided to walk to the light rail, ride across the Steel Bridge, and zip on over to the Oregon Convention Center. Not a problem, except ... we got on the wrong line. We hopped on the Yellow line and ended up going north to the Expo Center, next to the Oregon/Washington border. When the Yellow line crossed the river, it stopped at the Rose Garden for transfers to the Red and Blue Lines. Silly us, we stayed on the Yellow Line. Nice ride though, and we enjoyed the scenery. We got back on the Yellow line and asked the conductor about getting to the OCC. He said to take the Yellow line to Old Town, get off, and go "across the street" and take the Blue or Red line to the OCC. So, we rode across the Steel Bridge again, got off at Old Town, got on the Blue Line, went across the Steel Bridge again, and got off at the OCC, which is across the street from the transfer station at the Rose Garden. What should have taken 10 minutes, took us 30. That's what happens when it COLD OUTSIDE and you get on the first light rail that comes along. Who knew there were Red, Yellow and Blue lines now. Still a great way to get around town, though. Too bad Seattle hasn't a clue.
Saturday evening we caught up with John and went to Harvey's for a great comedy revue. We laughed, and we laughed. It was sort of odd too. I had been in this same room for a show over 30 years ago. Back then it was called the Roaring 20's Room, and the show was Darcel's Revue. Later we caught up with Frank for dinner. It was wonderful seeing both of the guys. I have been missing them alot, and it was a great Mom fix for me.
Sunday David and I went up to the Rose Test Gardens to walk around in the COLD AND SNOW. Still beautiful all the same.

I love Portland and miss living there, but now have a wonderful life in Bellevue. Downtown Portland really is the best. It's flat and has a lot of green space for people to just sit and enjoy the day.
Last Tuesday I was still cold and decided I needed to do something about it, if I could. Since it's my feet that hate this cold weather I decided I needed to knit a pair of Spring wool socks. Socks in bright spring colors.
I'm almost to the toe on the first sock, and today it was 60 degrees. This past Saturday the sun was out and all of the trees and flowers were rejoicing. I have mentioned my sock project to several people at work, and one of the attorneys said "KNIT FAST!!!!!"

I'm also knitting away on the EZ shawl. Each round now has 576 stitches and it is taking a long while to get one round done. In her book, Elizabeth Zimmermann said that once you have the 576 stitches, you knit "40 rounds, or until you're tired." Well, I'm planning on the 40 rows.
I love the way the Hand Maiden Swiss Mountain Silk is knitting up. It is just too soft, and look at the luster of the yarn.
I'll continue on the shawl, and on the socks so my little veggie beds can get to growing. We are hungry for fresh lettuce, radishes, and spinach. And ...
I would love to move my tomato and pepper plants out of the knitting room. It won't be tomorrow, however, since it's supposed to get up to just a whopping 47 degrees. Better get back to knitting those socks!



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