Saturday, May 3, 2008

"I won't be in today ..."

I had to stay home from work yesterday because Edgar has been sick. It's been a long, long time since I've had to call in to work and tell them I needed to stay home with a sick "child." Our dear Edgar apparently ate something and has had a rough time with it. I came home on Tuesday to a "mess" so David did doggie duty on Wednesday. He checked in on Edgar and all of the others and Edgar was just fine. On Thursday I came home to a mess again, but this time Edgar was coughing up blood, along with everything else. Off to the vet for xrays, blood tests, and hydration. The poor dog had lost 6 pounds and had a fever. I stayed home yesterday to keep an eye on him.

Fortunately, it was about 62 degrees outside and the sun was doing it's best to come out. I put on my spring fleece, wool socks and fuzzy slippers and spent most of the day outside on the deck with Edgar and his buddies. This made Edgar happy, and I am happy to say he is feeling much better.

While enjoying the "warmer" weather I knit. I have finished my first spring wool sock, and have started the second one.
The yarn is the heavenly machine washable merino wool from Fancy Image Yarn in Shelton, Washington. I purchased this yarn at Madrona this year. I am knitting on size 1 needles, using the Magic Loop technique. I love doing my circular knitting using the Magic Loop. I have knit socks on double points and it's okay, but have decided I'm a Magic Loop kind of gal. I know there are tutorials on the web showing how to do this technique, but if you are interested in trying the Magic Loop, buy this little book. It invaluable, and written very well.
The leg of the sock is done in a garter rib, which I think is a lovely way to show off this yarn. It adds some interest to a full rib leg as well. The foot was done in plain knit.
I've started the second sock and am about half way done with the leg.

When I started my spring wool socks project I told God I wasn't trying to do His job with the weather, but who knows ... it has gotten warmer since I started on these socks.

Today we are off to breakfast, do some errands, and then I need to replant my pea patch. Only half of the seeds I planted in March have germinated. I was late in planting the peas as it was, but two days after I planted them, we had winter move in again.

I'm knitting as fast as I can.



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