Monday, August 4, 2008

Finishing up our vacation

We decided the best way to finish off the vacation was to take the dogs and head over to Edgar's Acres. We needed a place with a slow pace to deal with jet lag, and ...

we needed to address the produce growing in the garden.

I started out by pulling up the hardneck garlic. This is Chesnok Red, which I purchased from Territorial Seeds in Oregon. This is good stuff.

Next I pulled up some of the Walla Walla Sweet Onions. Everyone in the Pacific Northwest loves these onions when they are harvested in late July/early August.

The onions and garlic were set out overnight.

The next day the garlic was cleaned. The Chesnok Red garlic is on the right, and the Polish Soft Neck garlic is on the left (it had been harvested early in July). The soft neck garlic stores over the winter better than the hard neck. Got to have both if you love garlic. The onions also were cleaned and ready for consumption.

I also picked strawberries and broccoli.

Not bad for a first harvest.

Sunday morning we went out to pick raspberries. These canes are LOADED!

This is what we picked in an hour's time. More than enough for David and I, and for some friends in Seattle. Yum.

Finally, I pulled up some of the Red Burgermaster onions, red potatoes, and an artichoke for my secretary, Sandra.

All this was done while my feet and legs were driving me crazy with no-see-ums bites that I got the last couple of nights in NJ. Darned gnats anyway. This was the only downside to the trip back east, and the first time these pesky bugs had bothered me. My legs look like I'm recovering from a bad case of chicken pox.

Today, it was back to work wearing long pants and real shoes.



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