Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I've Been So Busy

Six weeks, it's been six weeks since I posted. Where did August go to?

I haven't been just sitting around for six weeks, that's for sure. I've been handling work, the garden, knitting a bit here and there, trying to find time to relax and waiting for summer to show up. We've also been traveling back and forth to Edgar's Acres every weekend working on a big project.

Summer arrived on Labor Day; finally!!!! We've had beautiful weather since then and now my garden is going nuts.

In the past six weeks I've been canning green beans, Blue Lake Green Beans, the only beans worth growing, preserving and eating. I planted both the bush and pole varieties in order to have plenty. I was starting to worry whether or not I'd have enough because it has been so cold. Now that the sun and warmth have finally showed up, I'm harvesting the beans, picking every third day. So far I have put up 45 pints and should get at least two more pickings off of the pole beans, giving us about 10 more pints. Good eating this winter. My family will be very, very happy. We had a bumper crop of raspberries this year. I put up two batches of freezer jam, which is plenty for us. Cynthia came over to Edgar's Acres and picked enough for three batches, and there were still plenty left over. Because of the cold weather during this summer, I had to go buy pickling cucumbers to make the dill pickles. I did use my own garlic, however, so these pickles are going to be tasty. And yes, those are red peppers in the jars. These will be ready for Thanksgiving.We have now harvested all of the red potatoes. We got over 100 lbs of these red beauties. David and I have what we need, we have shared a bunch with our friends, and donated about 60 lbs to the food bank. The russets will be ready to harvest next month.

I have spent the last six weeks harvesting, cleaning, and curing onions. Walla Walla Sweets, Red Burgermeisters, and Cobra, a yellow storage onion. David and I have enough for twelve months, and again passed them out to our friends, and donated a bunch to the food bank.

And then there is the garlic.

You have to believe me on this one, there is nothing better than home grown garlic. There is nothing easier to grow than garlic. The garlic on the right is the hard neck garlic, which is really potent with rich flavor. The garlic on the left is the soft neck, which is mild and stores well.

And then there is the knitting. I've been knitting, but not a lot because my hands have been busy with produce. The only knitting time I have is during my commute to and from work (if I'm awake that is).

Well, the doggies want some attention. They say I have been busy with the pressure cooker and computer long enought.



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  1. Was that 'enought' at the end of your blog intentional or a subliminal reference to an old letter?

    Just wondering...