Sunday, January 4, 2009

As the Holiday Season Comes to an End

As we head into the 12th day of Christmas I reflect on what a wonderful holiday season this has been despite SNOW, SNOW and even more SNOW. Christmas 2008 is the only year I can remember where we had SNOW on Christmas Day. A lot of SNOW. Fortunately, Frank and Dennis both have four wheel drive vehicles.

Frank and John were able to drive up from Portland to our place the Tuesday before Christmas between storms. David and I had prepared ourselves to spending Christmas without them because of the weather and hazardous road conditions. Fortunately, there was a window of opportunity for travel.

Christmas Eve we headed up to Cynthia's for a feast and celebration with friends and family. Frank was able to get all of us up to Cynthia's house with his truck, making two trips.

Christmas Day Frank was able to get Susan to our house, and then Dennis got Cynthia to our house, and then got both Cynthia and Susan home. We had 18" ruts on top of ice on most of the streets in our neighborhood so needed high clearance four wheel drive vehicles to travel.
It was wonderful having Susan, Cynthia and Dennis come and share Christmas day with us. We also had Bella and Disney join us. After all, our doggies are part of our families as well. The prime rib came out beautifully, and was so good. Christmas dinner is generally a very simple affair, just the prime rib, stuffed baked potatoes, and home grown canned green beans. Edgar was hoping the prime rib was going to be put on the table, and would be unsupervised.
So was A.J.
And Bella. When Bella saw the prime rib was going to be very much supervised, she went looking for something or someone else to handle.
She decided John needed some kisses.
Dinner was wonderful and we all ate until we were full.
Later David and I, and Frank and John played Monopoly until 1:30 a.m. As you can see from the look on John's face, we got pretty "silly."

Meanwhile, Edgar slept. And I mean slept. He didn't even notice Louie on top of him. In fact, in the Winter, Edgar loves to sleep.

He believes in comfort too when he sleeps. This is Thursday night up at Edgar's Acres.
Early Friday night...
and later on Friday night. This time Johnny was trying to get Edgar up.

And last night, Saturday. He loves to sleep. Mom once made the comment that I should write a book about Edgar sleeping. He loves his special couch at Edgar's Acres, and he loves his winter sleeps.

Well, we need to get ready to head back to Bellevue and reality.



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