Sunday, December 28, 2008

We've Got Mail!

We have received some correspondence and notifications that our stockings have been delivered and I wanted to share this with you. In receiving the letters and emails, I am reminded why we spend so much time and love on Operation Holiday Stockings.
My step dad wanted me to let you know they got the stockings. He said he was really surprised and they enjoyed everything. He said something about really enjoying packages of Taco Bell??? I'm not sure if that's something you sent with the stockings or something he dreamed up. LOL! Anyways, thanks so much for doing that. Things are rough over there for them and I know that receiving those stockings brought much needed cheer and comfort and a reminder that people are thinking of them. Thanks again!!!! : )
Matt said his group at the outpost (25 or so guys) got their stockings. There are so appreciative!

When he was home I asked him what he wanted for Christmas. He said "The fact that you did all those stockings for the guys is all the present I want." What a sweetie.
Sending our Thanks from Iraq. Thank you for your support and the box of goodies. We hope you have a wonderful Holiday Season & New Year. Soldier Overseas.
We received the box of stockings your group sent to us recently and we would like to thank you from the bottom of our heart. We will use the stockings to decorate the clinic and keep them with us when we leave as a reminder of the support we get from our friends at home. We hope that this holiday season will be a blessing to you and your family. We have much more to be thankful for than we can fully comprehend. When I am placed in situtations like these it reminds me of just how lucky we as Americans are. Take care, God Bless you, and Thanks again.
I wanted to take the opportunity to thank you and all of the volunteers for your thoughts, prayers and generosity. It is due to the dedication of people like yourself and those you work with that many deployed service members get a reminder of exactly how important the job they do is to those at home. The box of stockings was a big hit and every member was a proud recipient of a stocking during our small Christmas party. On behalf of the men and women that I have the great pleasure of leading and serving, I want to thank you again for your thoughtful gifts.
Please pass our thanks on to all that made the wonderful Christmas stockings. Everyone in the unit thought they were fantastic. Thank you again.
Thank you so very much for the wonderful holiday stockings for the guys. There were so darling and so much love and care was put into them. We put them by their doors on Christmas Eve and it was like being Santa's helpers. They just loved them. Thank you a million times over for thinking of us.
A big thanks to all of you who contributed to this project.
And yes, Virginia, there will be an Operation Holiday Stockings 2009. In fact, we've already received some stockings...

Sue B. sent these and we are now on our way for next Christmas.

And we got these from Sue P. (Many Sues, I know!!!).

You can send stockings anytime you want, and remember to collect those hotel samples when you travel.



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