Monday, March 2, 2009

Lace and Dogs

I am relieved to say that the third attempt at the lace shawl is working out much better. I am enjoying it this time around, and am pleased with the knitting. Using the Addi Lace needles makes a huge difference. Too bad I didn't start out with them in the beginning. It isn't as though I was unable to find the needles at the Madrona Marketplace. I've got about 4.5 inches on it now.
I'm knitting in good light, without help from the dogs, and before my glass of wine in the evening. The dogs are very interested in what I'm doing.
I told Edgar Joyce has a big dog named Jazz so he is sending good wishes as well.

Meanwhile, A.J. has an owie. The other morning he woke up with a big owie on his face. Somehow, sometime and somewhere, he bumped his face. We can't figure out how it happened, but with a blind dog he could have been anything.

He went to see his favorite vet today and she shaved the area around the sores. Considering A.J. is an old dog with four teeth and can't see, the vet said he is in great physical shape. Maybe it's a good thing he can't see. He might not like what he would see in the mirror right now.



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