Thursday, March 12, 2009

Civic Duty

I was called four times. First case was settled before leaving the Assembly Room. I was polled three times, excused twice, and sworn in as an officer of the court to serve on the jury for a criminal case.

I have worked in the legal field since 1975, 15 years in litigation. I have helped to prepare for numerous trials, just to have them all settle before trial starts. This week was the first time I have been in a courtroom, and the whole process was fascinating.

It's back to work for me today and I'll be glad to get back. I am fortunate to work for an employer to encourages and supports their employees while doing jury duty. Many of the other jurors who were summoned were doing so on vacation time, or on their own time. Another advantage of working for a law firm.

As for knitting, I did get a lot done. I've got over two feet knit on the prayer shawl. Fortunately, all of the sheriffs inspecting items in security when entering the courthouse were (a) knitters, (b) were married to knitters, or (c) had mothers who knit. It was interesting, however, that out of about 400 people summoned for jury duty, I only saw two other knitters. We three agreed it was the perfect way to pass the time.

Well, off to work I go.



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