Wednesday, May 6, 2009


A.J. crossed over the Rainbow Bridge yesterday. He chose his time to leave us, and his trip was peaceful, without pain. We miss him terribly, and the other dogs are still looking for him even though they know he has died.

A.J. was a quiet little dog, but a very funny and unusual dog. He came into our lives a little over four years ago as a foster. He had spent many years as a stud in a puppy mill in Marysville before being rescued and then adopted out to another family. When they had to move, they surrendered him to Small Paws Rescue, and hence entered into our lives.
He joined us at a time when Edgar and Louie had lost both Andy and Blackjack, and they immediately bonded with A.J. We knew they had adopted him so he was adopted by David and I and took the name of Rambin.
He settled right in, looking for the best places to take naps, like toy boxes.
As he got older he learned to love the sweaters Susan knit for him.
We would find him in the most unusual places, like a suitcase being packed for Madrona ...
or spending hours just staring at Abby, like a little frozen statue.
He brought so much joy to all of us, young and old alike. He had the patience and time for anyone, and LOVED sitting in laps.
A.J., we all loved you and will miss you. I am sure that by now you have met up with Grandma whom I am sure greeted you with "hello there A.J." You are free of pain, you can run, you can see, and you once again have all of your teeth. You left us knowing you were loved and cherished, and gently cared for.

Be in peace, and we love you,

Sue, David, Louie, Edgar, Johnny, and Abby.

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  1. "If dogs don't go to Heaven, then I don't want to go"