Monday, May 4, 2009

'twas a Lovely, Lovely Weekend and Other Stuff

This past weekend David and I were home in Bellevue. We didn't have to travel anywhere other than the grocery store on Saturday morning. This weekend I was able to pull my clean underwear out of my dresser drawer instead of a suitcase, the first time in six weeks. We and the doggies were very happy and it was very relaxing.

We had such beautiful weather for the most part. It was perfect weather to get out and admire spring and to work in the yard. I replanted the snap peas (the squirrels "unplanted" the first sowing), planted one zuccini plant, parsley, and one cucumber plant, and cleaned up flower beds. I also trimmed off the dead wood from the trees and the Rosemary bush, which was a result of the TWO WEEKS OF SNOW in December.
We got the lawn mowed, and decks cleaned.

We sat on the deck, visited with friends over food and beverage, and slept in.

I managed to do all this with wearing broken glasses (wearig broken broken - see what I mean), or an old pair of glasses, or sunglasses. I had a splitting headache, couldn't read or knit much, but a little Merlot and sunny days took care of it. Fortunately all of the trimming I did was with my LONG handled clippers.

Then it was Monday, back to reality, and trying to work in old glasses where I can't read mush. 3's look like 8's and c's look like e's. Not too efficient. I broke a temple off of my glasses last Friday and they won't be fixed until Wednesday afternoon. I'm too old to be walking around and working in glasses without bifocols.

But ... my hands, wrists and arms are very happy. I've been having my massage therapist work on my hands and wrists because I was told I would need to have carpal tunnel surgery. You know, the surgery where you can't do anything with your hands for 12-24 months. Not for this spring chicken. I was suffering from numb, tingling hands with shooting pains going up my wrists and arms. What a different massage makes. Listen up knitters, if the talk of carpal tunnel comes up, look into massage therapy before going under the surgeon's knife. I'm not advocating massage is the cure all, but I am willing to give it a good try. Next session is going to be for my poor, old and tired feet. (Getting old is for the birds.)

A.J. is doing fine. He's eating and participating in our family activities. He does like his sleep, and in the mornings he wears a sweater outside. He is losing weight but has a good bit of energy. For all of you you have sent me emails, thank you for your wonderful support, prayers, and kisses to A.J. He loves them all. Right now he is taking a little nap after eating a good dinner. Since he is such a special boy. he is getting special food on the Spode dinner plates. Only the best for A.J.

Well, I've at least have my current glasses balanced on my nose (a new fad maybe) so off to see if I can get dinner going, pour a glass of wine, and then sit down to watch some television and knit.

It's raining tonight so it will be a good night to snuggle down on the couch with all of the dogs and watch Dancing with the Stars.




  1. Both my brother & mother had carpel tunnel surgery. My mother was knitting and back to her computer job in about 4-5 days. Her dr wanted her to was good for her rehab.

    My brother was back to work doing his job within 2 weeks and no limitations in about 4 weeks.

    Maybe you need a different Dr.?

    Since you are also in Bellevue, want to swing by and work on MY yard? The dogs would love the visitors and my gardens definitely need the attention!

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