Saturday, January 16, 2010


I'm still around knitting, thinking and going through my usual daily routines. There have been several times I was going to post something but decided my blog didn't need to hear about my miffs and beefs about various observations. Then I got to thinking (trouble I know) that my blog is my blog and is for me to share. I do recognize it's never a good idea to jump on my blog when I'm in full steam, but best to wait a while. Here are some observations I've made and have totally (a) perplexed me, (b) angered me, or (c) astonished me.

The Barbie Doll Syndrome. It really exists. These are the 20 something ladies who wear the 3 inch stilleto heels (and don't know how to walk in them), long blonde hair, slender with no hips, but well endowed ("enhanced" like Barbie is a better word). Those suffering from BDS have no clue of what's going on around them. They aren't dumb (as some say blondes are), but this particular group of blondes are so full of themselves that they come across as dumb. They walk in front of you, bump into you, slam elevator doors in your face, let doors close in your face, and have no clue they are blocking a doorway because they are so engrossed in their text messaging. Ladies, think past yourself and take notice of the world around you. Other people DO exist.

The Cane Experience. Try using a cane for a couple of days and see how you are treated. I had an occasion to use one for three days and this is when I observed BDS. I also noticed that men do hold doors open for those with canes twice as many times as women. Younger women are least apt to hold a door open for you while you walk slowly through a doorway. Young men seem to make a point to chat while you take your time through a doorway. If you need to take an elevator, good luck. No one will hold the door open for you. You just need to plant yourself in front one of the elevators, and hope it eventually will be the one that opens up and then try to get in before you[re trampled. It's the damned "door close" button. People can't leave it alone.

Getter older isn't for sissies. That's all I'm going to say on that.

I'm working on two baby blankets and one pair of socks. The socks are for my commute to and from work and fit in my purse. One baby blanket involves using a chart so it's my knitting for weekends where I can set up the chart to follow while knitting. The second baby blanket is my knit in the dark if need to, or knit while watching television. You guessed it, garter stitch.

Well, I'm off to get my day started. Got some prep work to do for the garden this year.



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