Sunday, January 17, 2010

OHS Stocking Hat

Diane, our dear friend and OHS supporter has been at it again. I got this email from her the other day and I am sure you all will find it fun. Look real close to the picture.

"I love it, love the way it looks on, and had so much fun making it. Loosely based on this pattern and given a deep ribbed cuff and finished off with the OHS pattern.

I've been on a knitting kick since mailing this year's stockings and am zeroing in on twenty finished. A trick I'd like to share with other knitters is to keep a basket out with a few balls of yarn and some needles along with a pair of scissors and a yarn needle. Out of sight, out of mind. If everything is handy, it's easy to pick up in odd moments to knit a few rows w/o giving it a thought. I intend to keep mine out all year round and challenge myself to make as many as possible this year.


Thanks Diana for your handy tip, and for being on a knitting frenzy. For those of you who want to join in the year round knitting, I've posted the stocking pattern again (see first picture). Remember, the link to our Yahoo page is to the right at the top of the blog page.

Worsted Weight YarnSize 7 Needles
Skill Level: Advanced BeginnerRating: Easy

Cast on 28 stitchesKnit 6 rows (garter stitch)Starting with right side, work 24 rows in Stockinette Stitch (SS)

Work short rows as follows:
Knit 18, turn
Purl 9, turn
Knit 10, turn
Purl 11, turn
Knit 12, turn
Purl 13, turn
Knit 14, turn
Purl 15, turn
Knit 16, turn
Purl 17, turn
Knit 18, turn
Purl 19, turn
Knit 20, turn
Purl 21, turn
Knit 22, turn
Purl 23, turn
Knit 24, turn
Purl 25, turn
Knit 26, turn
Purl 27, turn
Knit 28, turn
Purl one row even
Knit 6 rows even in Stockinette Stitch
Shape toe:
Row 1: *Knit 1, Knit 2 together, repeat from *, last stitch knit 1.
Row 2: *Purl 1, Purl 2 together, repeat from * , last stitch purl 1.
Row 3: Knit 2 together to end of row, with last stitch knit 1.
Row 4: Purl 2 together to end of row, with last stitch purl 1.
Cut yarn about 12 inches and draw through remaining stitches and fasten off.
Sew seam with 12 inches of yarn.

Happy knitting, and thanks all of you for your support.



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