Sunday, March 21, 2010

A Lovely Day Overall ...

Yesterday started out with this. We ordered 15 yards of garden soil for the raised beds we are putting in this year. I realize many of you aren't excited by dirt, but I am. I have to be honest, I would rather be "playing in the dirt" instead of knitting, and that's saying a lot, because I love to knit.
While I was waiting for the work crew to wake up (meaning John and Matt), I started in on a new flower bed for the deck. David had built two 14' beds for the asparagus when we decided that was one bed too many for the garden, so we decided to move it next to the deck.
The weeds were growing in contractor's sand. The first thing on the agenda for the day was to clean out the weeds. I then took stock of what needed to be done. We had the two asparagus beds (one to become my flower bed), and six raised 3x10 beds in the enclosed garden. We also had 5 3x3 raised beds in another area of the property. All of the beds needed to be filled with the garden soil. We decided that the raised beds were the wait to go because of the ease in maintaining them (and because it's easier on aging backs and knees).

I put in about six inches of compost, and then the guys started putting in the soil. This was was new flower bed after the first load.

John and Matt started filling in the beds around noon. I'll be the first to admit, once they get started they get a job done.

Charlie was nice enough to let us borrow his tractor and wagon so their system was a go.
They got through almost half of that 15 yards of dirt.

Here's Matt's new profile picture.

Here's the last bed for the day. They did a lot of work in 4 hours (even with a break for a beer run and lunch). They are very efficient.

And I got my new flower bed.

Leslie came over and we spent the rest of the evening visiting, drinking good spirits, munching on shrimp, and having dinner of grilled rib eye steaks, asparagus and tossed salad.

It was a lovely day full of hard work, family and friends, good talk and laughs.

Thanks to John and Matt for coming up to Edgar's Acres to help out. As Susan would put it, "you get Cippolini Onions."



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