Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Still Having Fun in Sequim

Despite this picture, Edgar is having a great time at Edgar's Acres. However, at the end of the day, he's pooped. Just give him his couch, pillow, and blankie, and he's a happy boy (he would appreciate it if you would turn off the lights).

I was thinking yesterday how gardening is a lot like knitting. It's a process of creativity. There's the prep work, the actual doing the project, and the end result. In knitting you choose the pattern you want to knit, buy the yarn (or the other way around), read through the instructions, swatch for gauge, and then start knitting. As you knit, you stop to check the stitches are right and the measurements are as they should be. The end result is a garment, hat, blanket, etc. and you get to enjoy it yourself, or give it to someone to enjoy.

Gardening involves the planning, sowing or planting, checking on the garden along the way to make sure the seeds are germinating and the plants growing with good health. In the end, you get to harvest the produce to enjoy for yourself, and to share with others.

Last month Susan and I planted one bed. We planted carrots, radishes, two types of spinach and lettuce. Everything has now germinated and is starting to show their little heads.

The little radish plants are popping up and will need to be thinned. These have been planted on top of the carrot seeds so we will know where they are. Radishes germinate quickly, carrots can take a while.

The garlic is growing beautifully. This bed was planted last fall and we will be harvesting in July. This is like the knitting project you start with excitement, only to put aside for a while, and then pick up again later.

Sunday I moved the strawberry plants into a raised bed. They were okay where they were, but they are excited about their new home. We will attach bird netting to the boards so we get to enjoy the harvest instead of the crows.

Several weeks ago Susan and Katie came up to Edgar's Acres for Leslie's party. We were able to put in about 5 hours of work in the garden and yard (thanks again ladies). I had told Katie about a bed I wanted to put in the front of the house so I could put my trilliums back where they came from (they had to be moved when we brought in the new house). We talked about this bed, and look what she did!
What a treat! Sunday David tilled in compost, and then topped it off with the garden soil (we still have about 7 yards), and yesterday I planted the trillium, some hardy fuschias, bunch berries and wild ginger.
The trillum told me they are so happy to be back where they came from, the front of the house, where they will get the wonderful morning sun, and afternoon shade.
All of my transplants are happier now. Thanks Katie for helping us with the trilliums' new home.

Today we are heading to Port Angeles to run some errands and to have dinner with Mary Lou and Laurie. I've got some raspberry canes and strawberry plants for Laurie's garden. It's nice to have a cousin with a gardening connection.

Well, the sun is coming up and I have a few things to do before day really breaks through.



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