Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Stockings Are On Their Way!

The stockings have been stuffed, sorted, counted, packed, labeled, and mailed, all 1525 of them.  All of our elves came over the Saturday after Thanksgiving and stuffed stockings.  Believe it or not, it was done in less than three hours.

Even dumping the box of lip balm in the beginning didn't hold back this crew.  The first thing we did was play 700 lip balm pickup.

We used up all of the lip balm, candy, drinks, toys, and games we had.  Here's a box of candy that was donated by Dave in Portland.  When he says a box of candy, he means a box of candy.

While the elves were stuffing stockings, Katie and I were counting so we would have an idea where we stood. 

In the meantime, stockings continued to come in so we most definitely had enough.

Sue and Margaret came with more stockings and they were stuffed. 

Our "a stocking a day" knitter, Susan M., brought in the rest of the year.  She did admit that the wonderful knitters at Stitches of the Heart gave her a hand.  Susan, your daily stockings have all been stuffed and sent out.

Heather and her mom Janell sent in their 67 stockings.  These two dear ladies have been knitting for OHS since 2005.

Betty, who is in her 80's, has been knitting since July for OHS, and sent in these dear stockings.  Each stocking has three little buttons on it.

Angie got together with Betty and knit these lovely stockings for us.

Karen in Arizona sent us another batch of stockings to make sure we had enough.

And fnally, but not least, Lisa knit these for us.  It's hard to tell in this picture, but each stocking has yarn that sparkles. 

This past week David, Katie, Matt, Susan and I have finished up the stuffing, sorting, packing and mailing of the stockings.  A big thanks goes to Susan and Katie for helping me keep my sanity this past week. 

Thank you all who helped with Operation Holiday Stockings for 2010.  Without your help, support and contributions, it wouldn't have happened.


Aerowood Animal Hospital - Bellevue, Washington
Angela L. - Seattle Washington
Angela O. - Seattle, Washington
Anne - Seattle, Washington
Barbara - Appleton, Wisconsin
Becky - Louisville, Kentucky
Becky - Bellevue, Washington
Bernadette - Seattle, Washington
Betty - Seattle, Washington
Bitsey - Olympia, Washington
Cathi - Edmonds, Washington
Charlie - Seattle, Washington
Chris & Leslea - Temecula, California
Cummins Bridgeway LLC - Hubbard, Ohio
Dave D. - Damascus, Oregon
David R. - Portland, Oregon
David R. - Bellevue, Washington
Dave R. - Bellevue, Washington
Dawn - Seattle, Washington
Deborah - Edmonds, Washington
Deb - Shoreline, Washington
Diana - Lyle. Washington
Dr. Reh DDS - Bellevue, Washington
Elaine - Bellevue, Washington
Enaud - Yelm, Washington
Eric - Seattle, Washington
Eastside Knitting Guild - Bellevue, Washington
Gina - Seattle, Washington
Ginny - Hazelhurst, Wisconsin
Harriet - Seattle, Washington
Heather - Molalla, Oregon
Hilda - Seattle, Washington
Hotel Sierra - Bellevue, Washington
Jack - Seattle, Washington
Jan - Barre, Vermont
Jane - Bellevue, Washington
Janell - Canby, Oregon
Jeffrey Johnson, DDS - Bellevue, Washington
Jenn - North Bend, Washington
Joan & Matt - Bellevue, Washington
JoAnn - Seattle, Washington
Joe - San Francisco, California
John - Portland, Oregon
John - Seattle, Washington
Jolaine - Waesca, Minnesota
Joseph - Seattle, Washington
Julia - Alva, Oklahoma
Karen - Glendale, Arizona
Kathy - College Place, Washington
Kathy - Bellevue, Washington
Kari - Bellevue, Washington
Katie - Bellevue, Washington
Katlyn - Lancaster, Pennsylvania
Kim - Canon City, Colorado
Ladies of the Elks - Sequim, Washington
Leanna - Bellevue, Washington
Leslie - Seattle, Washington
Leslie - Sequim, Washington
Linda - Cherry Hill, New Jersey
Lisa - Bellevue, Washington
Lisa - Seattle, Washington
Lori - Seattle, Washington
Makalika - Seattle, Washington
Margaret - Bellevue, Washington
Margot - Franklin, Massachusetts
Marina - Bremerton, Washington
Marlys - Kent, Washington
Mary - Arlington, Massachusetts
Mary - Seattle, Washington
Mary - Green Bay, Wisconsin
Maryann - South Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Melinda - Grass Valley, California
Morry - Seattle, Washington
Nancy - Corvallis, Oregon
Nancy - Seattle, Washington
Nicole - Federal Way, Washington
Nicole - Seattle, Washington
Pam - Medina, Texas
Patricia - Seattle, Washington
Pro Sports Club - Bellevue, Washington
Rachel - Milwaukie, Oregon
Ray - Bellevue, Washington
Ricardo’s - Bellevue, Washington
Sam - Lancaster, Pennsylvania
Sessa - Renton, Washington
Sharon - Bellevue, Washington
Silver Cloud Inn - Bellevue, Washington
Steve - Federal Way, Washington
Stephanie - Bellevue, Washington
Stitches From The Heart - Bellevue, Washington
Sue C. - Bellevue, Washington
Sue R. - Bellevue, Washington
Susan B. - Bellevue, Washington
Susan M. - Lakewood, Colorado
Susan M. - Bellevue, Washington
Terry & Sheryl - Sandy, Utah
Troop 52107 Girl Scouts - Edmonds, Washington
Now, off to do some winter clean up today in the garden, and some knitting for me. 




  1. I love seeing all the completed stockings; it really warms my heart. They are all really beautiful and the stocking stuffers look great too! Merry Christmas to you and yours... and best wishes in the New Year... and happy knitting!

  2. They turned out wonderful!!! Job well done!