Tuesday, December 21, 2010

We Take Our Cookies Seriously

For many years now, we have had the annual Christmas Cookie Decorating Night with the Johnstons.  The Johnston children are our children, as our children are the Johnstons' children.  We feel so fortunate to have such good friends, with whom we always have good times.

We take our cookies seriously.  No just icing cookies and throwing some sprinkles on them.  Not with this group.  Oh no. 
The decorating has become so serious that the cookies are baked ahead of time (otherwise we'd never get done).  We pull up chairs and start right in. 
As you can see here, Jim is busy decorating a cookie with his tweezers, while John is contemplating the color of frosting he's going to use for his piece of art.
As you can see here, Jim takes decorating Christmas cookies to a new level using tweezers.  In fact, he's an expert tweezer cookie decorator. 
As an engagement present, Rachel was given her own personal pair of cookie decorating tweezers.  Welcome to the family Rachel. 
Almost too beautiful to eat.  Love the angel in a tux.
Please note Andrews Gator and Matt's black heart.  We also have a Rev. Jim Turkey on this sheet.
Here we have Christmas cats, dogs and bears.

While on this was going on, the two Grill Masters were doing prime rib.

We took advantage of having everyone together and did some celebrating.

We toasted Frank and Rachel for their engagement.

We toasted John on his graduation from Portland State University.

We toasted Andrew on his graduation from the University of Florida.

We toasted Sarah on her 18th birthday.  She's the "baby" of the clan, and is now all grown up. 

And finally, we gave thanks for our friendship, love, friends, and the wonderful children who have grown up on us to become wonderful adults. 

Front row:  Edgar, Matt, Jessica, Lindsey and Sarah
Back row:  Andrew, John, Frank (aka Dave) and Rachel

We love you!



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