Sunday, March 13, 2011

Ducks and Such

Meet Richard the duck.  Yesterday we went up to Safeway to grab a few items.  When I was getting out of the car I thought I heard a duck making tiny quacking sounds.  I looked in the car nex to us, and there was a duck sitting on the front passenger seat.
This charming lady rolled a shopping cart next to the car so I was able to ask her about the duck.  He is a pet duck (she has three) and his name is Richard.  When I asked if I could see Richard closer she was thrilled.  She put him on the trunk of the car so I could pet and visit with Richard.
I am sorry to say I didn't get this lady's name, she was delightful and had fun telling me about Richard and her other two ducks.  I was so surprised how soft Richard's feathers were, and darn if he wasn't talking back to me when I was talking to him.  I swear he was smiling at me too.  I was totally charmed by him.

This weekend has been a lovely respite for me after a crappy week at work.  Edgar's Acres is therapeutic and I need to make a point to get over here more often than once a month.

We had a window of opportunity yesterday so I mowed the lawn for the first time this year (which tells me winter is on it's way out), and did some clean up.  We decided to barbeque since it was so nice out.  David set up the grill and was getting ready to add the briquettes when he remembered the chimney for starting the grill was in Bellevue, and no we didn't have any lighter fluid.  Well, thank goodness we drink Yuban ...
It was very slow, and in the end we ended up with kindling and a couple of small logs to really get the show on the road.

In the meantime, Susan M. and Diana continue to knit stockings for Operation Holiday Stockings.  These two women are amazing. 

Diana sent another 42 stockings.  She has had a LOT of snow, and knitting helps to pass the time when your stuck in the house.

Susan has completed February and sent me this picture. 
Thank you ladies!!!!!

My charity knitting for 2011 (in addition to the OHS stockings I'll knit this summer) are doggie blankets.  So far I've knit five, and am on number six.  If anyone has yarn you want to pass on I'll take it.  Any amount will work.  I just need it to be washable and dryable.  I've pretty much used up all of my "unwanted" yarn. 

As a refresher, here's Louie showing off the blanket for a pound puppy.
These blankies are a nice knitting project because I really don't need to think when knitting them.  We have been so busy at work and I end up with a burned out brain at the end of the day.  This type of project is perfect for reawaking the brain and bringing things back into proper perspective.  Makes good TV knitting two.  Gotta love the garter stitch. 

Well, it's time to get lunch going so will sign off for now.  Remember when you are saying your prayers to include everyone in Japan.  Their lives will never be the same, and the daily struggle for them right now is so overwhelming.



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