Sunday, February 27, 2011

Ten Days ...

Since I last posted I've been to Madrona and back, did jury duty, got snowed in, ran errands, paid bills, wrote letters, and got Louie through his knee surgery. 

Madrona as always was wonderful.  It's so nice to take four days of my year and spend it doing what I love ... knitting.  I took three classes, spent a lot of time in the lobby bar drinking appropriate beverages (coffee in the a.m, sodas in the afternoon, wine in the evenings, etc.), catching up with old friends, and making new friends.  One of the fun things about Madrona is the plethora of Susans.  There are a lot of Susans.  In the first class I took, Emergency Measures with Sally Melville, there were 5 Susans in that class.  In our knitting guild, the Eastside Knitting Guild, there are 7 Susans.  I love Susans.  I understand Susans.  One of the things I love about Susans is their willingness to help, and while helping, their willingness to laugh about it.  Case in point ... how many Susans does it take to roll up a skein of yarn?
In this case, three.  The skein of yarn was tangled so Susan M held the skein, Susan B untangled, and Susan R (me) rolled the yarn on the ball.  By the way, please note the vest Susan B is wearing.
Susan knit her houndstooth vest with yarn from Toots LeBlanc & Co., a regular vendor at Madrona. 

The other Susan, Susan M, is our fearless leader for the Eastside Knitting Guild and when she came to Madrona, she was ready for anything and everything. 

Which was primarly knitting for Operation Holiday Stockings.  You will recall this Susan is the Susan that knit stockings for each day of 2010.  Here's what she's done so far for 2011.  Susan is awesome.
After four wonderful days at Madrona, I rested up on the holiday (President's Day), and then went to sign in for jury duty at the District Court in Bellevue.  For the first day, we sat around for about three hours to be sent home, and to report back in on Wednesday.  Checked in on Wednesday, to be excused due to snow.  The trial we were going to be polled for was continued due to an impending snow storm.  Thursday, I worked from home because we had that snow storm and getting off of my hill that day wasn't an option.  We ended up getting 7 inches of snow in about 5 hours. 
Now it's true the snow can stop us from driving anywhere, but it won't stop the two Grill Masters, David and John, from grilling steaks. 
You just position the grill in the right place on the deck ...

bundle up to light it ...

Then pour a stiff drink so you can stand outside in the frigid temperatures to watch the charcoal burn.  It was worth it, however, the steaks were marvelous.

Yesterday, I picked up Louie.  He had to have knee surgery this week because he sustained the same injury that Edgar had.  The vet told me no more basketball for my dogs. 
The surgery went well, and Louie is resting comfortably.  He also likes having special food and special treatment.  He deserves to be spoiled a bit. 

Well, it has been a challenge trying to get this posting done since the internet connection is on and off.  I love Comcast, and the way Comcast makes me feel so angry.  GRRRRRR. 

Take care everyone.



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