Monday, July 25, 2011

Neil and Garlic

It was warm yesterday, by Sequim standards anyway.  The high was 76 degrees even though the thermometer on the wall said otherwise (we need to move Pruetts to another spot).  When the sun is out, it is glaring and hot.  The air is so clear here that the rays come right through.  When that type of weather hits, you find projects to do under shade until it starts to cool off. 

Yesterday I opted to clean the garlic that we have harvested, and had drying out in the shed.  I poured a big glass of ice water, turned on Neil Diamond, and got to work.

Doesn't quite look like the garlic at the grocery store, does it?  We planted five varieties, but I am hard pressed to tell you which one is which right now. 

The stalks have been cut off, and now the roots need to be trimmed.  Regular scissors is needed for this.  It's like cutting the beards off.
Now to let them cure for a while until the tops are dry and closed up.  Yum. 

Meanwhile, we are getting stockings for Operation Holiday Stockings.  The ladies at the Eastside Knitting Guild in Bellevue continue to amaze me. 
Betty used up a bunch of yarn scraps to make these.  I love the colors. 
More from the Guild.  More fun colors.

Susan B. has been busy as well.  Love the trim at the top.

Well, today is supposed to be another warm one so I'm on my out to the garden to do some planting. 

If you're interested, I did knit four rows yesterday.  I seem to be so busy playing in the yard that knitting is a little hard to get to right now. 



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