Friday, July 22, 2011


I was just rereading my last post and the final statement that I hoped it wouldn't be another long silence before posting.  Well, it looks like my hope on that went out the door.  I know it's been a while, but I have been busy.  We've made the BIG MOVE to Sequim.

I started my sabbatical on July 1st, and on July 2nd at 6:30 a.m. we packed up the dogs and cat and drove over to Sequim in both vehicles.  Louie slept in the front seat of my car, and Abby rode in the back seat in her crate.  She meowed once, and decided that since we weren't headed to the vet's office she would just lay down and relax and see where this was going to.  

The first week here Abby slept under the comforter on our bed, Louie chilled on the couch, Edgar scouted for something to bark about, and Johnny wagged his tail.  Me, I napped.  Seriously, I couldn't stay awake.  I'd sit on the couch and snooze.  I'd get on the computer and snooze.  I'd go to bed and sleep 12 hours.  Apparently the stress of the last few months got the best of me.  By the time Friday came around I was upright and feeling good. 

A a prelude to what was coming (the moving van), Jim and Pat came over for the weekend and we went to the Olympic Music Festival in Quilcene to hear the Mosaic Brass Quintet.  Wow.  They were wonderful, the venue amazing, and of course, the company was the best. 

The next Friday the van came, and with it 23 years of living in Bellevue.  Stuff was delivered to our storage unit, dropped in the house, and shoved into the garage.

David and I spent the weekend unpacking the kitchen, which if you have moved, you will know is the biggest project when it comes to unpacking.  My feet ache recalling this project.  As we were unpacking I was sorting out what I would be donating to the Sequim Elks Garage Sale.  I did sort out a LOT of stuff in the past six months, but once we got here there was still more to do.  Who needs six sets of dishes and four sets of cultery? 

Monday morning David left with a kiss and I hit the rest of the boxes with rested feet and bewilderment.  Where was all of this stuff going to.  I had a housefull of company coming for the Lavender Festival and had to at least have beds ready for everyone.  Fortunately, as Jim said, it was an easy group. 

First things first.  I found this in my kitchen that morning. 

A bear taking a bubble bath in my sink.  Welcome to Sequim and insanity.  Pretty crazy.  He is now on the deck in the back feeling better about this whole move. 

So the second week of my sabbatical went like this ... work in the yard while it wasn't (a) raining, (b) cold, (c) windy, or (d) all of the above.  In other words, most of my time was spent in the house working the biggest jigsaw puzzle of my life.  The last time I moved was 23 years ago and I was 37 years old.  It goes a bit differently when you're 60 and have feet who are bad sports for the most part.  In the evening in helped being able to take a break with my friend Merlot. 

Of course, Abby and Johnny had to help, primarly with putting the yarn where they thought it should go.  (Notice Merlot and his friends Cab on the left.)  Of course, Abby did an exit stage left when the camera came out. 
One night I was unpacking boxes and suddenly noticed Edgar wasn't around.  I figured he had gone outside or was on our bed, then when I started picking up paper I found him. 

Love his take on life.  Mellow.   Louie in the meantime was on a couch staying out of the way.  Abby?  Well, once the big bed from Bellevue came in she came up for air.  (More on the killer cat later.)

It wasn't all work.  I went into Port Angeles and had lunch with Mary Lou and Laurie, followed by the best massage I have ever had.  My cousin Laurie is a massage therapist, and OMG, is amazing.  Also met up with Leslie for lunch and caught up on our lives.  

When David showed up on Thursday night I threatened his life if he dared to unpack one more box.  I was sick of the packing paper, and sick of trying to find a place for anything.  I poured him a drink and told him to sit and listen to me lament. 

On Friday, in a matter of three hours, we had the beds made, shopping done, and the house as ready as it was going to be.  Susan B., John, Jim and Pat, and Lindsey came over to a composed Sue and a house in some type of order.  We grilled a ham and corn on the front porch because of rain, but were able to meet around the campfire later on. 

The next day was the Lavender Festival.  Poor John couldn't get us moving fast enough.  He had lavender to check out, and Lindsey had wedding venues to see.  We went to Purple Haze first, which is a beautiful farm.  We took advantage of the scenery for photo opportunities.

John and Lindsey.  I remember when they were both 5.  Lindsey makes John look tall.

Real Men Love Lavender.

After Purple Haze we visited Port Williams Farm and the Washington Lavender Farm.  Too bad the weather wasn't a bit better but we had a blast anyway.  Later that evening Leslie and Steve, and Susan and Linda from the Eastside Knitting Guild joined us for another grill fest.  The guys cooked three chickens and corn on the cob.  The skies cleared enough for another night about the camp fire.

The next morning everyone headed on out, but not before this ... Johnny has won Pat's heart and her lap. 

Susan, being the good sport that she is, stayed until Monday so she could help weed, and David brought out his Mikeda and started hanging up stuff for me.  It was a wonderful weekend with wonderful friends and family.  Love you all.

This week the dogs, cat and I have been able to come up with a routine of some sort.  We sleep in, have coffee, look at the weather, and think about how hard we want to work. 

Wednesday I went over to De's and made spring rolls with her and Tammy.  Yum.  Of course, we had to have a glass of wine with the finished product.  A lot of the veggies we put in the spring rolls were from De's garden.  So good.  Later that evening I went to the Bag Auction with Leslie and Pat at the Elks. 

Yesterday I woke up to Abby chortling at me.  I went to pet her and the Killer Cat grabbed my wrist and bit me.  She apparently was hungry and wanted food.  I told the little B that all she had to do was ask and I would get myself out of bed and feed her.  I got up scrubbed scratches and fed the cat.  This morning around 2:30 I heard this horrible screech and woke up and immediately totally covered myself with the bedspread.  I wasn't going to let Killer Cat go after my face.  While I'm burrowing under the covers she's off of the bed, slammed into the dresser and then went over at the window growling.  I got up, had a glass of water and climbed into bed again burrowing totally under the covers.  At 3:35 she's sounding like a lion ready to attack and at the window.  This time I looked and saw eyes looking in at me. Abby's growling and screeming, and now the dogs are barking.  I got out of bed and damn if there isn't a raccoon looking in at me.  I got up and let the dogs out and that was that.  We all slept in until 7:30 this morning. 

Today we had SUN!!!!!!!  I spend the entire day in the garden, finishing up with harvesting the last of the peas.  I'll be freezing peas in the morning, and from the look of the raspberry canes, making raspberry jam. 

Next week my brother Steve and his wife, Judi are coming up.  I am so excited to see them again and to have them come visit.  I hope the weather is nice. 

All in all, I am now rested, and in a good frame of mind.  I am very grateful to have three months off to rest and relax.  A sabbatical is a wonderful gift, especially for a paralegal.  There are very few firms that provide that benefit and I am very grateful.

Well, it looks like a nice sunset so the dogs, cat and I are headed out to the deck to watch the sun go down. 


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