Friday, September 30, 2011

Johnny Says Hello and Thanks

Johnny asked me to do a special posting on his behalf.  He wants everyone to know how much he appreciates your prayers, love, wishes and concern.  The picture above shows Johnny two days after surgery.  He ended up have two herinated disks repaired.  Fortunately there were no complications and he is making wonderful progress. 

He will be using the back support for at least two weeks to help build up muscle mass in his hind legs.  He had become so weak from pain, and the muscles in those back legs started getting soft.  Yesterday he was able to "lift the leg" to pee, which he hadn't been able to do for several weeks.  Needless to say he was a happy boy.

I know those stitches may look rough, but the skin around them is now all white and the swelling has gone down.  The stitches will come out on the 3rd. 

Johnny came home with his own personal pharmacy.  I had to make up a chart to keep track of what when, and how long.  He has been an excellent patient and taking his meds as he needs to.  There is an antibiotic, muscle relaxant, anti-inflamatory, pain, nerve modulator, and steroid.  We are following directions to the T. 

He has his own personal studio apartment for at least two weeks.  Every few hours we put on the lead and walking support and we exercise and go potty.  We are happy to report that all functions are normal, which is a really big thing with neurosurgery. 

Johnny is happy to be home, and to be back with his buddies Edgar, Louie and Abby. 

Thank you all for caring so much for our little Johnny Cash.



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