Thursday, September 29, 2011

Operation Holiday Stockings Update

We continue to get more stockings for the troops for us to send this year, as well as postage money and stocking stuffing items.  The stockings above were made by my SIL Judi.  She pulled out her sewing machine and glue gun and got busy.  I love the little bears.

Linda in New Jersey sent in another batch of knit stockings.  I wish my pictures did a better job of showing off all of the stockings that come in. The colors in Linda's stockings are so pretty.

The Eastside Knitting Guild in Bellevue sent over this beautiful batch of stockings ...

...  and these.  They also sent over a dozen boxes of toothpaste samples for the stockings.  They were donated by a dentist in Bellevue, whose name is still unknown to me. 

OHS has been invited to submit a nomination to the Joining Forces Community Challenge created by Michelle Obama and Jill Biden.  I've been busy working on it and will get it submitted today or tomorrow.  There aren't any monetary prizes, but it would be nice to receive acknowledgement for the work everyone has done during the seven years we have been sending stockings to the troops.  Everyone who has made the stockings and donated items for them, as well as money for postage, are the real volunteers in this endeavor.  The officers of OHS are the coordinators and couldn't do this without all of you participating and providing your support.  I'll keep you posted on how this goes. 



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