Sunday, August 26, 2007

Bichons, OHS Stockings and Baby Sweaters

This weekend was the 4th Annual Bichon Bash for the Northwest Region. It was hosted by Kristine and her family in Arlington, Washington this year. It was a blast. Try to imagine 48 bichons running free having the time of their lives. Even little Johnny was there running all over the place. Folks found it hard to believe that he had his heart surgery just four weeks ago. He and Louie were a pair, running and playing with all of the other bichons. A.J. spent most of the day either in a lap or a comfortable chair. He loves going to the Bashes, just doesn't get fully involved. Edgar had a good time too but had to stay on his leash because we had some fluffs that didn't care for big dogs (their loss).
We raised over $1700 for Small Paws Rescue, which is amazing for the size of the turnout for this event.

The weather held out for us. At exactly 6:00 p.m., the last guests left when the skies opened up and it poured for 90 minutes.

Two of the ladies that attended the Bichon Bash are also Operation Holiday Stocking supporters. Bonnie M. has crocheted stockings the last two years, but this year she is KNITTING stockings . She brought seven beautiful stockings and says there are more to come. Bonnie, they are beautiful. Bonnie is another SPR volunteer who has been involved with OHS from the beginning. She has also been a lot of support in the project. And, to top it off, for three years Bonnie hosted the Bichon Bash as her home in Sequim. Thanks Bonnie!
Diana brought her stockings too. She has knit 22 stockings and she too said there are more to come. She also bought some stockings last January that are felt with quilted figures on them. On the way to and from the Bash I finished another baby sweater and started on a baby hat. You be the judge here. Is this baby sweater knitting a compulsion or a passion?
I still want to knit some more! Aren't they cute?

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  1. I know it is a year later from the date of this bash but if you have any info on the next one coming up that would be greatly appriciated. My email is