Thursday, August 16, 2007

I'm Still Around ...

When our sons moved out permanently, I thought I would be sitting around with tons of spare time on my hands. No more cooking for an Army, etc., just me and David and the doggies relaxing.

Somehow I've managed to fill every second it seems.

I have a wonderful husband with whom I am having a great time with doing stuff together.

I work full time as a trademark paralegal.

I volunteer my time on a daily basis to Small Paws Rescue.

I check in with Mom each Sunday at 7:00 p.m.

I handle all of Mom's finances for her.

I knit. I garden.

I pay our bills and keep the household running.

We have Wednesday night Date Night where David and I hook up with friends.

I cook for us and for family and friends when they are around.

I play with our doggies and our kitty. I take care of them.

In other words, I live a wonderful, blessed life.

Sure, every second seems to be accounted for, but in a wonderful way.

Right now I am obsessed with baby sweaters. I can't stop knitting them. I am on baby sweater No. 6. I'd include pictures but Mr. Camera is being fussy right now. Why am I so obsessed? Who knows, and really who cares. Maybe because the Heartbeat Sweater is WAY TOO BIG and I'm not ready to deal with it? Maybe because these little baby sweaters are too cute? Probably a combination of both, coupled with the fact that there seems to be a boom on babies being born lately. Plus, baby sweaters will fit a baby somewhere and sometime.

We are getting fired up for Operation Holiday Stockings 2007. I've heard from several knitters and they've been knitting. I also heard from one of our volunteers who crochets and she's been busy. As long as we have soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan, we will be doing stockings for the holidays.

Little Johnny is coming back to us today. I'll include pictures of him too when Mr. Camera decides to cooperate. Guess I need to add a new digital camera to my wish list for Christmas, along with the soil thermometer.


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