Sunday, September 2, 2007

Blogging Without Pictures

Not only am I blogging on dial up, but my camera has decided to retire. It's not working. Just plain not working. Not sure what the problem is, but I can't take a picture of my RED tomato, or the strawberry jam, or my new raised garden bed.

We've been busy.

I made one batch of stawberry freezer jam. This time I used the liquid pectin, instead of the Sure Jell powdered pectin. I'm sticking with the powdered pectin. With the liquid pectin, the jam doesn't set up as quickly and as nicely. The sugar doesn't dissolve as well as with the powdered form. With the powdered form you have to dissolve the pectin in boiling water and stir for one minute before adding it to the sugared berries. The hot version does a better job of dissolving the remaining sugar and has a nicer consistency.

I froze 4 lbs of broccoli from the garden, and 31 ears of corn. I dug up a couple pounds of russet potatoes, and a pound of the red potatoes.

The onions were dry enough for me to clean. I have a full bushel basket of the Burgermeister Reds, and another full bushel basket of the Cobra yellow storage.

(Sure wish my camera worked.)

We picked the yellow plums (what do you do with yellow plums besides eat them raw).

One neighbor brought over a flat of peaches. We will be having fresh peaches for dessert tonight.

We are eating vegetarian tonight, all veggies from our garden and our neighbors' gardens.

David got the posts up for the marionberry vines and we have them tied up and secured. I cut out all of the old raspberry canes so they will be ready for thinning later.

David also built a new raised garden bed. It is ten feet long and three feet wide. I love raised beds so I am excited about this. We put compost and extra dirt in it, along with the organic fertilizer and will let it do it's thing over the winter. It should be ready for planting next spring.

Knitting. Yes, I have been knitting. I started Elizabeth Zimmerman's Baby Surprise Jacket. I am totally intrigued, and in total awe of what Elizabeth designed. Usually I can figure puzzles out without too much difficulty. For the life of me I can't figure out how this is going to work. I won't get it done while we are here at Edgar's Acres, because I need some more yarn for striping to make this jacket look really cute. When I am done with the current skein of yarn, I start on the Baby Einstein.

Got to go peel peaches.

AND to pick that RED tomato!


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