Tuesday, September 4, 2007

We're Heading Home Today

This has been the best vacation. Both David and I have worked in the yard and garden, relaxed in the evenings and gotten lots of good sleep. The doggies have had a great time too and are ready to head back home to get rested. Edgar's Acres is truly a special place.

We ate good food, 95% from our garden, and got to soak up some nice sun. I feel good, my ankles aren't swollen from sitting all day at work, and my complexion is good again.

I wish we could retire NOW!

I put up seven pints of peach freezer jam yesterday, using the powdered pectin. Much better consistency and it set up within an hour. The jury is in. I'm sticking with the powered pectin from here on in.

We are taking back with us some broccoli, onions of course, garlic, a couple of tomatoes, and peaches from Charlie's tree, and strawberries for Cynthia.

It's been good.


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