Monday, February 18, 2008

Madrona was wonderful. I had a great time and learned many new things. Today, however, I'm tired. My brain was on overload the entire weekend but that's fine. That is what the Madrona Retreat is all about. Knitting classes, knitting friends, and knitting.

On Thursday I took Pat Brunner's Class "Make it Fit." Boy did I learn a lot about how to make a sweater fit before you start on it. I know alot about fit when it comes to working with fabric, but I have been stumped as to how to adjust for knitting. Basically it comes down to the armhole and the shoulder length. It was a pleasure to take this class and to get to know Pat. She is a delight. Thank you Pat!

On Friday I was in Margaret Radcliff's class "Side to Side Sweaters." Margaret showed me the cable cast on so I could really understand it. What a great cast on for adding on stitches when knitting these side to side garmets. Margaret is a kick too. I had a lot of fun in her class. I'm looking forward to using the principles she taught us with the sweater kit I bought from Philosopher's Wool.

Saturday a.m. was Evelyn Clark's class "Beginning Lace Knitting." Another great class with good principles and tips. One thing I did learn about myself in this class, however, is I need a quiet place to get going on lace knitting. Too much commotion going on around me does not work with reading lace charts.

Cynthia came down on Saturday afternoon and she and I went to the Marketplace while Susan was in class. I bought so many wonderful skeins of yarn and I WANT TO KNIT THEM ALL RIGHT NOW. Too bad I don't have ten hands (and maybe a multifunctional brain). Susan, Cynthia and I went out to dinner Saturday night and had a riot.

Sunday a.m. I was in Stephanie Pearl-McPhee's workshop and of course, it was great. Stephanie is as entertaining in person as she is in her blog. I learned the trick to counting rows in Stephanie's Class. Thank you Stephanie. You count the ladders instead of the stitches. What a treat for my older eyes.

The weather was beautiful, mostly dry, a little chilly, and sun! The sunrises were spectacular, and the sunsets just as beautiful. It's good to be home, however, and back with David and the doggies and Abby the Alpha Cat.

Now to find a place for all of the lovely yarn I bought ...


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