Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Definitions of Knitting

Have you ever noticed how many types of knitting we all have? I’m not taking about “circular” knitting, or intarsia, or whatever technique you are knitting. I’m talking about the type of knitting we have for various occasions. When talking with other knitters I’ve heard them refer to their knitting as follows:

Backup Knitting - this is the extra knitting project you take with you when going somewhere, just in case you finish the project you are currently working on.

Chartiable Knitting - this is knitting from the heart. This is the way knitters help to warm others, be it babies, the homeless, and even the animals in shelters.

Christmas (or Holiday) Knitting - this is the knitting consisting of all of those “gifts” you are knitting. These would be fun except you’re under a lot of pressure to get them done because you waited until October 15 to get started.

Commuter Knitting - this is the small knitting project that fits into your purse or backpack. It’s small enough so you don’t need a whole seat on the bus or train, but big enough to help you pass the time while stuck in rush hour traffic.

Dial up Knitting - this is the knitting project you work on when you are using dial up service for the internet. Depending on how fast the dial up service is it can be mindless knitting or serious knitting.

Fall Knitting - this is when you are ready to think about knitting with those lovely wool yarns in your stash. It’s finally getting cool enough to knit up a new sweater to wear in January.

Knitting Class Knitting - this is the knitting you do while taking a cool class from people like Cat Bordhe or Sally Melville. You are so anxious about keeping up, and learning, that you end up with a stiff back, sore neck, and a headache.

Knitting Guild Knitting - see Sip and Knit Knitting, except the sipping isn’t involved.

Knitting Knitting - this is the project you work on anywhere you want since you know the pattern, and are able to do anything while knitting. It’s your current project and you are having fun doing it. It can be any of the knitting listed, depending on how well you can mix the type of knitting with what you are currently doing.

Mindless Knitting - this is therapeutic knitting. This is the knitting you don’t have to think about, such as a garter stitch shawl or scarf, or maybe even the leg or foot of a sock.

Ott Lighting Knitting - this is the lace project on size 0 or 1 needles you do during the winter in the evening hours. At a certain age you need all the light you can get.

Serious Knitting - this is the project with charts, or complicated instructions. You need a quiet space for this until you get the pattern or instructions straight in your brain. It is usually done at home.

Sip and Knit Knitting - this is the knitting project you take along with you to a gathering of other knitters for sipping and knitting. This project usually ends up on the table, or in your lap, while you are busy sipping and chatting. It’s best if this type of knitting is mindless knitting.

Snuggle with the Dog or Cat Knitting - this is close to snuggling with the kids while knitting. However, depending on the size of the dog (or cat), and how well trained they are, this can be combined with Ott Lighting knitting or serious knitting. If the dog (or cat) is big, or not too well trained due to juvenile behavior, then this knitting should be combined with mindless or TV knitting.

Snuggle with the Kids Knitting - this is knitting you can do while you have a kid leaning on you while sitting on the couch. Afghans are perfect for this type of knitting, especially if you are watching TV and snuggling with the kids. (See reference to TV knitting.)

Spring Knitting - this is a transitional period. You can finish up the winter knitting at the beginning of spring if the weather is cool. It’s also time to start up on the summer knitting so you have a new sweater to year when it gets hot.

Summer Knitting - this is cotton, or cotton blend yarn knitting you do when the weather is hot. You don’t want to be knitting up wool sweaters in the hot weather. You will end up just putting the knitting down and feeling even hotter.

Teaching Knitting - this is the garter stitch knitting project you are working on while teaching someone to knit for the first time. It’s fun to knit along with them.

Travel Knitting - this is knitting you take with you for trips of more than an hour. If traveling on a plane or train, it is probably best to have a small project because of limited arm space. Circular knitting such as socks is best. If traveling in a car, the project can be more expansive, unless of course, you’re traveling in a carpool.

TV Knitting - this is close to mindless knitting, or sip and knit knitting, but you can incorporate it into serious knitting if you stop and read the charts and/or instructions during the mundane commercials.

Winter Knitting - this is the best knitting. It’s cool enough to bring out the wool and wool blend yarns and knit up a storm. It’s time for the sweater projects. It’s time to knit up hats, scarves and gloves. You usually get the most knitting done with winter knitting because it cold and dark outside, and you are snug in the house staying busy with yarn and needles.

What type of knitting are you currently doing? How many types of knitting? Me, I am sure I have about ten types of knitting currently in the works somewhere around the house.



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