Sunday, September 21, 2008

You Be the Judge

As I mentioned in my last post, I've been knitting in spurts this summer. Since early July, I've been knitting the Sweet Sabina Child's Cardigan from Webs.
It's going to be for Cyn's granddaughter, and I'm knitting it in the largest size for 2-3 year olds. It's been a real pleasure to knit it, and challenging for my concussioned brain. Each step of the way, I've had to relearn a technique, which is what I was hoping for. The more I had to relearn, the easier it got. Hurray! I think the concussioned brain is finally back to (near) normal. This darling sweater went on vacation with me, back and forth to Edgar's Acres, and to work to knit during my lunch hours (when I got one). I'm ready to finish the sweater by sewing up the sleeves, and then sewing them onto the sweater, but I have a question ....

Do the sleeves look too small for this sweater? I would appreciate your opinion. You be the judge. I already left a message for Cyn to check on the sleeve length before I sew in the sleeves. This morning when I was showing off my handiwork to David, I thought the sleeves looked a bit out of proportion to the rest of the sweater.

I finished the sweater last night at 5:20 (strange the things we note and then remember), when it dawned on me I was OUT OF KNITTING. Sure I had the stockings for OHS 2008, but that's my traveling knitting because I don't need good light, and will knit on them on my way home today from Edgar's Acres. No, I was referring to "sit down and relax knitting." I told David "I'm out of knitting, what am I going to do?" David laughed, he couldn't believe I didn't bring back up knitting. If fact, he really laughed. Well, I thought I had included my back up knitting, but it wasn't in my bag. I was close to panic, when I noticed a basket in the sun room that had a bag in it. Guess what, it was an old knitting project I started a couple of years ago. It's a shawl out of a cotton/linen blend and is perfect for dial up knitting. In fact, with each picture I upload to this blog, I can get three to four rows (of 150 stitches on size 11 needles) knit. Not too bad.

Well, I've managed to knit about 16 rows on the shawl while posting today. I've got some things I need to get done here at Edgar's Acres before we take off to Bellevue today.

Note to Deb: Thanks for the belly laugh. Regarding your question in your comment on my last post, I think by the fact that you picked up on the "t" is answer enough for you.



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