Sunday, December 21, 2008

Winter Solstice In all It's Glory

Yesterday was the Winter Solstice, the shortest day of the year. Personally, I like the 22nd better. It's the first day the daylight hours start getting longer.

Since Thursday we have had a total of 13 inches of snow pack dump down on us. By Saturday morning we had 6.5 inches and a break in the storm. David and I were able to run some errands, get some groceries, and do a little bit of Christmas shopping. By the time we got home at 1:30 it started snowing again. The snow on the table had packed down to 4.5 inches. The snow stopped around 7:00 this morning leaving us with 11 inches. Now that's a lot of snow for the Puget Sound area.
The dogs love the snow. Edgar is the only one, however, you can really see in this deep snow. The fluffs are up to their little necks in snow, which means their little bottoms are hitting snow when they need to poo. Early this morning I put on David's big boots while still in nightgown and robe, and stomped down a path for the fluffs to go down under the deck to do their business.
The roof project has been put on hold until we get decent weather. Hard to do roof work with 13 inches on snow on it. The final part are the new gutters. Consequently, as the snow melts a bit, it is dripping, and freezing, making icicles.
Reminds me of the frozen palace in Dr. Zivago.
Yesterday David shoveled the snow off of the deck to remove the weight. Good thing considering we got 4 inches yesterday.
There's plenty on the deck as it is. It did warm up a bit this afternoon so some of the snow has started to melt. Tonight, it's cold again, and we have ice all over the place. "Who knows what tomorrow will bring."



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