Sunday, December 7, 2008

... and the stockings were packed by the chimney with care.

I'm sorry for not posting earlier this week the final report on this year's Operation Holiday Stocking project. Work was a nightmare this past week, and my allergies are driving me crazy. I can't quit sneezing. It's damp here, and warm, so the mold spores are busting out all over. When you are allergic to molds, it becomes an issue. Bear with me on this. Benadryl is the only medication that helps and makes me groggy (trust me on this, I just proof read this posting and oops!).

We had our big stocking stuffing party on the Saturday after Thanksgiving. We started out with this table full of stockings. We had a good crowd come to help and we had the usual production line going.
A.J. took his appropriate spot to supervise the whole thing.
Lt. Frank was delighted with a stocking that was decorated by a 17 year old who is planning to join the Army next year. I promised the young man's mother I wouldn't provide any additional detail other than that.
Here's Katie, one of the original committee of five when we started this project. She's a dear friend and always there to help.
Susan and Chiya were there as well again.
This is a nice picture of Benny the Beaver, Mascot of Oregon State University.
Cynthia again provided us with a lovely dinner and it was a good day. On Sunday David and I started the process of sorting, counting, and packing up the boxes for shipment. I included a letter to the recipient, a write up on the story behind this project of love and support, and a full list of contributors and supporters. I checked, and double checked the number of stockings going to each group, and the addresses. David completed the Customs forms and sealed up the boxes for shipment.
David got them off on Monday and Tuesday. Our local post office loves this and have been really helpful each year.
We sent out stockings to 1050 soldiers in 19 units. We gathered together over 1300 stockings, so we will have some for next year (and yes, I'm afraid, there will be OHS 2009). We collected $1700.00. $675 was used for stocking stuffers, and $780 was used for postage. I'm checking on another unit to see if they need stockings since we still have postage money.

There truly isn't an appropriate way to say THANKS to everyone who pitched in to help on this project. Sandra and Deb, thanks for organizing everything at work. You two are awesome. Katie, thanks again for coordinating and collecting from your co-workers and friends. Thanks to the service groups, sororities and Girl Scout troops. Thanks to every individual knitter, crocheter, sewstress, and decorator for getting the stockings done and to us. Thanks to Susan B and Susan M and the entire Eastside Knitting Guild for WOW. A special thanks to David, Frank and John. I love you three with all my heart, and your overwhelming support on this project is so appreciated. Thanks again to Cynthia for feeding the stocking stuffers, and thanks to all of you who again gathered to stuff stockings, both at work and at our home. What started out as a bit of a discouraging project this summer, became one of true miracles and love. Thank you all on behalf of each and every soldier who will be receiving a stocking.

Here is the list of contributors and donors this year.


Sharon of Seattle, Washington
Angela and Soraya of Tacoma, Washington
Eric of Seattle, Washington
Jenn of North Bend, Washington
Marchand of Seattle, Washington
Marina of Bremerton, Washington
Susan B. of Bellevue, Washington
Bob of Seattle, Washington
Glenna of San Antonio, Texas
Linda and Jim of Seattle, Washington
Cynthia of Bellevue, Washington
Bethany of Seattle, Washington
Heather of Molalla, Oregon
Eastside Knitting Guild of Bellevue, Washington
Priscilla of Redmond, Washington
Elaine of Seattle, Washington
Deb of Seattle, Washington
Girl Scout Troop 8411 of Seattle, Washington
Sam of Lancaster, Pennsylvania
Maryann of South Milwaukie, Wisconsin
Nancy of Corvallis, Oregon
Kristie of Seattle, Washington
Jason of Seattle, Washington
Cassy of Shoreline, Washington
Devon of Shoreline, Washington
Sandra of Shoreline, Washington
Dr. Johnson of Bellevue, Washington
Kim of Seattle, Washington
Kappa Alpha Theta, Delta Iota Chapter of Tacoma, Washington
Kari & Mike of Bellevue, Washington
Lindalea of Bellevue, Washington
Steve of Seattle, Washington
Barbara of Bothell, Washington
Marlys of Seattle, Washington
Linda of Edmonds, Washington
Diana of Lyle, Washington
Sue M. of Lakewood, Colorado
Bonnie of Sequim, Washington
Susan M. of Bellevue, Washington
Gordon and Carolyn of Seattle, Washington
Melinda of Grass Valley, California
Arlayne of Seattle, Washington
Emily of Seattle, Washington
Lisa of Seattle, Washington
Deb of Shoreline, Washington
Kathy of Seattle, Washington
Sue P. of Seattle, Washington
Mel of Federal Way, Washington
Dana of Woodinville, Washington
Lake Union Hair Salon of Seattle, Washington
Preceptor Alpha Nu of Beta Sigma Phi of The Dalles, Oregon
Rosemary of Kirkland, Washington
Dave of Portland, Oregon
John of Portland, Oregon
David of Bellevue, Washington
Sue R. of Bellevue, Washington
Red Apple Market of Bellevue, Washington
Bartell’s Drug of Bellevue, Washington
Nadine of Seattle, Washington
Ricardo’s Family Restaurant of Bellevue, Washington
Ginny of Hazelhurst, Wisconsin
Katie of Seattle, Washington
Rene of Seattle, Washington
Cathi of Seattle, Washington
Peggy of Des Moines, Washington
LouAnn of The Dalles, Oregon
Sue and Jim of Sherwood, Oregon
Nancy of Seattle, Washington
Ann of Seattle, Washington
Diana of Medina, Washington
Honora of Seattle, Washington
Chiya of Clyde Hill, Washington
Becki of Tacoma, Washington
Deb W. of Bellevue, Washington
Lindsey of Seattle, Washington
Gillian of Edmonds, Washington
Beth of Edmonds, Washington
Melange’s of Seattle, Washington
Kona Bay Yarns of Seattle, Washington

Well, off to have another sneezing fit, and then help get ready for the next project.
Thanks to all of you!!!!! I really am a blessed woman.



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